Why is bread not suitable for storage in the refrigerator?

During the baking process, the amylose fraction in the flour has aged, which is why the bread produces an elastic and soft structure. As the standing time is extended, the linear portion of the amylopectin portion of the bread is slowly associated, and the soft bread is gradually hardened. This phenomenon is called "changing". Speed ​​and temperature

The shipboard control cables includes: XLPE insulated flame retardant shipboard control cables, XLPE insulated flame retardant shipboard control cables(single sheath), XLPE insulated fire resistant shipboard control cables and XLPE insulated fire retardant shipboard control cables(single sheath).

Application: The shipboard control cables are intended for control system on shipboard and off-shore building.

Standards applied: IEC60092-350







Product making: factory name, type, rated voltage.

Core marking:color marking or printed numbers.

Marine Control Cable

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