A long-life LED driving circuit design

This paper mainly focuses on the shortcomings of the existing LED driver circuit to shorten its life due to the existence of electrolytic capacitors. A design scheme of an LED driver circuit with no electrolytic capacitor is proposed. The scheme is based on the principle of extend ----more

What are the requirements for fire protection of lamps?

What are the requirements for fire protection of lamps? (1) When the high temperature part of the illuminator surface is close to combustible materials, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation shall be taken; (2) The inlet of ceiling lamps, trough lamps and recesse ----more

Ningbo LED hopes to welcome the terminal market in spri…

"You see, even people are rare nowadays. What kind of business is there?" a shopkeeper complained to reporters, and now it is in the off-season. Business is harder to do. The LED lighting area on the first floor of the Ningbo Modern Mall opened to the public in June this year. T ----more

Xiamen Xinda plans to increase 700 million yuan to inve…

On September 12, Xiamen Xinda (000701), which only suspended trading for 3 days, threw a fixed plan. It plans to issue no more than 80 million shares in a non-public offering. The reserve price is 9.72 yuan/share, and no more than 700 million yuan will be raised to invest in Anxi. LED package new p ----more

Northeast largest LED industrial base settled in Jilin

Recently, LED green lighting (Northeast) industrial base project and LED epitaxial chip high-tech production project started production in the Economic Development Zone of Jilin City. After the project is put into production, it can realize an annual output value of 10 billion yuan and a t ----more

Case Analysis: Near Field Antenna Test System Solves La…

Foreword Limited by the implementation of base station antenna far field test time and cost, many mobile operators cannot test antennas as they wish. Because it takes a very long distance to build a far field, it is not suitable to test the far field directly in the full anec ----more

Crystal Light-Electricity Closes Inside: Does the mainl…

Huang Chongren, who had made hundreds of thousands of small shareholders unsuccessful, went down to a photovoltaic power plant. This time, what happened to him was the investment in the epitaxial grid of the company, which was invested in 2007. It was closed in August this year, resulting in nearly ----more