German grid expansion will cost 20 billion euros

The "Business Daily" website of Germany reported on December 27, Cologne that some wind power plants in Germany are limited by grid equipment and cannot put all their energy into the grid, so they are eager to expand the grid. However, Jochen Homann, head of the German Federal Po ----more

Wu Changjiang plays the capital to make a big move and …

Six days after the suspension, the “major event” disclosed by Dehao Runda plans to be unveiled. The announcement stated that it plans to spend 1.34 billion yuan to acquire 20% of the shares of NVC from NVC Lighting founder Wu Changjiang and become a NVC. The largest shareholder. While W ----more

Furniture electricity supplier short board exposure dev…

Last week, after Jinghua household disclosed double 11, furniture retailers were shocked to have a high refund rate. The peak value reached 187.20%, which caused consumers and the industry to discuss it for a time. However, the refund rate is like the head of a scorpion. After it has been ----more

State Council Releases Coal Coal Market Reform Opinions

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Party Congress, the Chinese government network, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Party Congress, speeded up the improvement of the socialist market economic system, and played a more fundamenta ----more

Solar LED light shaped like a bird feather: Light Bird

The designer invented a "Light Bird" solar LED light. The shape of this solar LED lamp is very fashionable and novel. When the solar panel is unfolded, it is like the feather of a bird, hence the name "Light Bird". Light Bird absorbs solar energy during the day, automatically st ----more

Chengdu quality supervision and inspection of LED and p…

In order to effectively carry out the pilot project of LED products, steadily improve the quality of LED products, and promote technological innovation and industrial development, Chengdu Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in the city from September to October this year in the citywide LED li ----more

Home appliance replacement technology has faded

Xiaomian home buyers in the first two years, the trade-in is very popular, then the old TV and washing machine for new home appliances. At that time, this method was a very wise choice. It could save resources, protect the environment, and save money. For our countryside, it has always bee ----more