Ouchs releases DALI grouping/scene controller to meet i…

With the gradual deepening of the concept of intelligence and energy conservation, people have put forward new demands for the intelligence, convenience and energy saving of lighting. Following the release of Ouch's microwave intelligent power supply series, "People come to light, people g ----more

CANbox Super Cloud Box Z1 Watch TV Box Detailed Tutoria…

The Z1 CANbox Ultra Cloud Cassette, which is still announced, will soon be on sale in May 1st in the United States. The CANbox Super Cloud Box Z1 is a TV box directly operated by the licensee. Not only does it have a counter value and its powerful hardware strength, but more ----more

LeTV millet please pay attention to the traditional TV …

What will the future television become? Maybe it will die and be replaced by a screen that can be curled and free to assemble. Recently, Paul O'Donovan published an article entitled "The TV's Vanishing Act." Until last November, O'Donovan was an analys ----more

Easily teach you to identify smart home franchises

In recent years, in the Chinese market, the smart home industry has become larger and larger, and more and more companies have joined this business. In order to seize the market, smart home companies of various brands have started to invite franchisees to expand their presence. Market influence. To ----more

Make smart more suitable for the elderly millet TV 2 ol…

Now more and more products are becoming intelligent, such as smart audio, smart phones, smart TVs, etc. These undoubtedly bring convenience to our lives, but this is only for young people and middle-aged people, The elderly who stay at home do not have the slightest help. Th ----more

Do you buy it? 50 music as super 4 full resolution

LeTV has always been the main selling point of black technology pioneering, but this time people are taking the cost-effective route! 414 Hardware Free Days Just not long after, LeTV released so many new products, surely many of the newly purchased friends are very uncomfor ----more

How do smart TV boxes connect to the Internet? ? ?

How Smart Box Connects to the Internet? Here we use the Lynx box as an example. The method is applicable to other boxes! 1, wired connection There will be a network port on the back of the box. Insert the network cable. As long as the network cable can be connected to the ----more