Connector manufacturers innovation and development

Due to rapid innovation in technology, the number of connectors used in each electronic product is declining, and the integration trend of integrated circuits has become increasingly fierce. SoC and SiP are more and more, for the future whether the connector market will shrink, All walks o ----more

How to use a standard lens

The standard lens is an abbreviation for a fixed focus standard lens. In general, a standard lens refers to a lens that has the same view as a person's monocular eye. This means that the range of scenes that can be captured with such a lens is the same as the scene that we can see with ----more

Share: LED over-current overheating solution

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has made rapid progress, and improvements in chip design and materials have led to the development of brighter, more durable light sources, enabling the use of light sources to expand. However, LED lighting manufacturers must continue to overcome ----more

LED TV urgent orders will drive the revenue in November…

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the connector factory announced that the company received orders for Amazon's tablet computers, as well as LED TV's urgent orders, November revenue will be better than October, and December will also go up. 瀚荃 said that after LED TV gradually repla ----more

Clarify the efficacy of LED light source and the effica…

LED enters the new market and the application field is expanding. It has been widely used in traffic lights, display screens, landscape lighting and decorative lighting. The market share in the backlight industry has gradually increased. Many companies that used to work on traditi ----more

2011 LED industry IPO financing and private equity inve…

[High-tech LED News] On December 10th, the "2011 First China (Shenzhen) LED Industry IPO Financing and Private Equity Investment High-Level Seminar" jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED Research Institute and High-tech Industry LED Research Institute was held. Shenzhen Qingqing World was held ----more

Method for suppressing electromagnetic interference and…

Overview: Electromagnetic interference is a problem that cannot be ignored in electronic products. Measures should be taken during design. Good design will reduce design time and product cost. Starting from the requirements of the national standardization organization for electromagnetic interfer ----more