Have to look at the air conditioning noise from where?

Although home appliances are the longest contact electronic products in our daily life, after long-term use, the use of one or the other is really a headache for us. Especially for household appliances such as air conditioners, it is not difficult to cool or noise. Less users. In fact, the air condi ----more

Health Spring: Drink more pork ribs soup to detoxify an…

In the early spring, the climate in the country is relatively dry, and some places are even windy and sandy. At this time, not only the human skin is dry and dehydrated, but also the immunity is low, and symptoms such as colds and allergies are prone to occur. To build a strong disease prevention fr ----more

The goods are not right? Festive purchase of home appli…

If the purchase of home appliances is a big study, then the acceptance of home appliances is also quite a lot. After purchasing air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions, we can’t be sloppy at the time of receipt and acceptance, although not common, but There are stil ----more

Dry clothes to prevent hidden dangers when the washing …

Winter can be said to be the season with the highest frequency of washing machines. Due to the cold weather, many consumers have handed over their laundry to the washing machine. In winter, the dry matter is dry and the electric load is large. If you do not pay attention during use, it is ----more

Automobile engine speed signal simulator design

Abstract: This paper introduces a simple, portable and multi-functional engine speed signal simulator. The PWM signal approximation method is used to generate the magnetoelectric signal whose amplitude varies with the engine speed, and the Hall signal is outputted by the output comparison method. ----more

Introduce two LED lamp life test methods

• The biggest characteristic of LED light source is long life, which can reach 50,000~100000 hours. It is not practical to monitor the light decay condition for a long time. Therefore, this standard will predict the life of LED lamps through an accelerated life test method. Sc ----more

LED advantages for indoor lighting

LED advantages for indoor lighting First of all, the brightness and color of the LED are adjustable, which can perfectly satisfy the color atmosphere of the interior decoration. It has the advantage that the traditional lighting source is incomparable for the development of the scene lighting marke ----more