VR is not just as easy as entertainment

When people talk about vr, they always think of vr games, vr movies, and at most think of vr used in education, but today vr daily newspaper will introduce you to a socially meaningful application of vr, that is, news and natural disasters. A company called the EmblemaTIc Gro ----more

Borderless full screen design: Samsung machine S8 more …

Note 7 The radical design eventually led to the early exit of the machine, and for the current Samsung, the Galaxy S8 can no longer have problems. Now, Bloomberg's exclusive news that Samsung will release the S8 in March next year will use a full-screen design without bor ----more

"How To Fly" Launches PSVR's Latest Relea…

Penny Black's new work, How We Soar, is now officially on PSVR. This game has brought us a unique riding experience. In this game, the phoenix you are driving is not just your mount. When you are on the phoenix, you will gradually unfold and unlock the storyline during ----more

Gome built the first professional VR theater in China

Recently, Guo Jun, senior vice president of Gome, announced at the 7th Caixin Summit with the theme of “Reform Execution” that the first professional VR theater in China will be built in Gome. Before the end of this year, Gome stores in Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian an ----more

Moto mysterious new machine UI exposure is Moto X seque…

Tencent digital news (water blue) had previously announced that the great god @evleaks had made suggestions that Motorola will have a new machine, but did not disclose more information. Nowadays, there are netizens posting spy photos of a mysterious Motorola new machine. Th ----more

The plot reverses why HP Elite X3 chose Win10

[IT168 News] With Microsoft abandoning the Lumia brand, Win10 Mobile's influence on the mobile phone platform has dropped to a historically freezing point. However, at the beginning of the MWC, HP launched the Elite X3 mobile phone, so that Win10 Mobile once again fire. ----more

China's color TV brand shipments become the global …

In early December, Sigmaintell released a forecast that in 2016, China's color TV brand (six major Chinese brands + LeTV) shipments will reach 83.6 million units, an increase of 15% year-on-year in 2015 and a scale increase of 10 million units. Over the years, domestic bra ----more