You should know about the screenless TV

Now television products are updated quickly, and many previously unanticipated concepts have been used on TVs, such as curved surfaces, ultra-thin, 4K, 8K, VR, and so on. There is also a hot new product called “non-screen TV” on the market. Many manufacturers thi ----more

Thermal printer took the second generation of MMEMBIRD …

Occasionally, this thermal printer was seen on the crowdfunding website and it was instantly attracted to it. Online search found that this is the second generation to increase the local print function, start with decisively. On the day of the official announcement, it was ----more

Three of the four series of soil sunburn series of four…

Before applying for Acer's Dark Knight, the quality of that single was just like that. Being a denominator was a bit unreconciled. She took a notebook with similar configuration to do some evaluation. Of course, I was not so embarrassed to write it. Test to buy a laptop ----more

Mobile phone power purchase four Aspect

Introduction: With the birth of the first mobile phone Moto mobile phone developed by Rudy Krolopp, the mobile phone is constantly updating and updating, along with the mobile phone power supply, and gradually came to this day. Because mobile phones have many features such as mobile power, ----more

EDC of grassroots civil servants in first-tier cities

With less pressure and more pressure, the money is basically a true portrayal of the civil servants' lives in the first-tier cities. They looked at the EDC sun bills on numerous smzdm friends, and they can't help but itch their bags. First a family portrait. Under ----more

Android Wear2.0 release time confirms five core upgrade…

A few days ago, Google has begun to notify developers of the release date of Wear 2.0. Although Google has not disclosed the specific date, it is certain that this new generation of smart watch operating system will be officially released next month. In May 2016, at the Googl ----more

Datong University World Group launches VR solution base…

On January 17, 2017, the leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market announced that its company will launch a VR all-in-one solution based on Rockchip's latest flagship RK3399. When it comes to virtual reality, although it is widely us ----more