Solar LED street light system using PAM2842

The simplest application of solar energy is to produce hot water, followed by electricity generation. An important application of power generation is lighting. China's lighting power accounts for 12% of the total electricity consumption. Due to the high cost of building large sol ----more

The advantages of LED-backlit TV show that the era of e…

Under the collective promotion of tablet companies at home and abroad, LED-backlit TVs are rapidly consuming the market that originally belonged to CCFL-backlit LCD TVs (ie, traditional LCD TVs). Data show that sales of LED-backlit TVs soared during the May 1 period, accounting for 30%-40% of the t ----more

LED investment boom has hidden concerns

The original Tianyi technology turned into Sanan Optoelectronics, Dazu Laser acquired Yuanheng Optoelectronics, Shilan Micro-expansion LED chips, and Dehao Runda, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Zhengtong Electronics and Changjiang Communications and other companies invested in LED plans to steadily ad ----more

Taiwan factory next-generation LED lights enter the Eur…

Taiwan's next-generation lighting LED lights have passed the certification of the two major auto repair service chain stores in the United States and Japan. With the reach of these two major distributors, the next generation of LED lights gradually penetrated into the European, American and Jap ----more

LED factory performance has reached a new high

The poor economy has led to the development of led new applications, and promoted the performance of stocks. As of now, the LED factories that have announced their revenues in June have all achieved record highs. Among them, Huaxing Electronics has a monthly growth rate of 22.38%, the most outstand ----more

Jingbei Optoelectronics successfully developed the LED …

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, advertising has penetrated into the lives of the broad masses of the people. Everyone has already used the light box advertisements on the road surface, neon advertisements, and bus body advertisements. At this time, a new type of high-tec ----more

Guoge Lighting Module won the 2010 Outstanding Optoelec…

Taiwan's Guoge Metal Technology Co., Ltd. spent 30 million yuan to develop the "30W 2700 lumens LED lighting module", which won the 2010 Outstanding Optoelectronics Product Award. The LED lighting module includes three components: base heat dissipation, LED light-emitting body and pr ----more