Illumitex plans to raise $25.23 million to develop LED lighting

[High-tech LED] LED chip maker Illumitex plans to raise US$25.23 million. The original investors include Dan Watkins of DFJ Mercury, Forest Baskett of New Enterprise Associates, and Jimmy Treybig have invested in Illumitex. Currently, Illumitex has raised funds in the stock market. It was $13.52 million.

It is reported that in 2008, Illumitex issued $10.5 million in the market. In October 2009, Illumitex received $4.3 million in $10 million in common stock. In the same year, corporate finance and the entire energy-saving technology market were in trouble due to the financial market bubble. In December 2010, Illumitex's debt and options have risen to $3.4 million.

Illumitex develops LED chips and assembles them into modules, which are used to house the bulb devices. The company's main target areas include the LED general lighting market, architectural lighting design and greenhouse plant lighting.

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