TE introduces new side-slip SIM card connector

TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics) has introduced a side-sliding SIM card connector that allows SIM cards to be inserted from the side.

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This side-slip SIM card connector from TE can protect the SIM card when the SIM card insertion method is not correct. When using this SIM card connector, the SIM card can be fully operated only by inserting the notched side of the SIM card into the connector to the inside.

Olive Wu, TE's mobile electronics specialist, said that the most important feature of the side-sliding SIM card connector produced by TE is its user-friendly design.

When the mobile phone user inserts the SIM card into the connector, the finger is often injured, and sometimes the improper insertion method may also scratch the SIM card and damage the data. With the side-slip SIM card connector produced by TE, the user can easily insert the SIM card into the connector correctly.

Olive said: "Every side that can be touched on the outer casing is chamfered to avoid scratching the fingers. The test holes on each shield can also help customers save on production costs."

Each contact surface of this connector is spherical and has a gentle slope. This design can effectively protect the contact surface from damage.

The side-slip SIM card connector produced by TE is equipped with a complete protective cover to better cope with electromagnetic interference problems.

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