Dajin Jingdian's revenue in the first half of the year was 634 million Hong Kong dollars, an increase of 51.4%

[High-tech LED News] Dajin Precision Electric Co., Ltd. recorded its contribution to the LED lighting business in the first half of 2011. Revenue increased by 51.4% year-on-year to HK$634 million. In addition, PCB business revenue increased by 8.8% year-on-year. In the first half of the year, core profit increased by 240% to HK$41.1 million, and core earnings per share increased by 127%.

Dajin Jingdian said that LED lighting business revenue in the first half of the year was HK$178 million, accounting for approximately 28% of total revenue and 85.9% of core profit. The gross profit margin and core profit margin of the LED lighting business were 38.1% and 19.8%, respectively, which was significantly higher than the PCB business (11.2%/1.3%). In addition to the LED street lighting business, the company has also developed LED general lighting and commercial lighting business, and recently won an LED lighting contract worth 50 million yuan in Nanning South China.

In the LED business in the second half of the year, Dajin Jingdian expects revenue of 400 million yuan, more than doubled in the first half of the year. Dajin Jingdian pointed out that it will further expand its LED market share and establish market leadership.

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