Is the roller sure? Washing machine purchase has learning

Now it has entered September, and it has reached the peak season of washing machine products. I believe that many friends will consider a problem when purchasing a washing machine. Is it the purchase of a traditional pulsator washing machine or a drum washing machine that has been popular in recent years?

Of course, when the price gap is large, this problem is often negligible, but at present, the product line of the roller machine is also widely distributed, and there are also products with competitive prices, which are similar to the price of the turbine. More than a lot of netizens made a fuss. Today, we will introduce them in terms of technical characteristics, energy consumption, and usage requirements. I believe that you will naturally have an answer after reading.

Is it a good pulsator or a good roller?

As is well known, washing machines can be roughly classified into two types, namely, a pulsator and a drum, and the pulsator is further divided into a double cylinder and a fully automatic single barrel. Although the two-cylinder is not sold as a mainstream product in the current first- and second-tier cities, its loyal users are indeed very popular.

Is the roller sure? Washing machine purchase has learning

First of all, I talk about the pulsator washing machine. The pulsator washing machine was invented by the Japanese. It incorporates the typical Japanese thinking. The Japanese wash clothes and use cold water. Under the premise of using cold water, the washing machine in the washing machine is more clean. Predominate. The Japanese people's thinking is about life efficiency, usually busy, and the living space is small. It needs to be moved and moved without occupying the place. The washing machine of the drum does not have the advantage in weight, so insist on using the washing machine. Suitable for washing clothes: all clothing except special washing.

The drum washing machine originated in Europe, and European households are generally used to washing clothes with hot water, and most of them have hot and cold water supply, which can be easily washed with hot water. Since it is designed to mimic the principle of hammer hammer hitting clothes, the washed clothes are not entangled, and the wear of the clothes is small. The disadvantage is that the degree of cleaning is slightly worse than the pulsator type, which is time consuming, and once the door is closed, it cannot be opened during the washing process, and the noise is slightly larger than the pulsator. Suitable for washing clothes: wool, cashmere and silk, pure wool fabrics.

Before choosing a washing machine, you need to know your effective needs, the more specific the better. For example, whether your clothes are upscale or not, the degree of dirty when washing, the frequency of washing, the budget, the location and size of the washing machine, the sensitivity to noise, etc., look at the above analysis, according to their own needs, You will make the right judgment for you.

How to understand the degree of cleanliness and damage rate?

The wear rate is selected according to the type of the material material. If there are more wool and silk clothes, it is recommended to buy a drum washing machine; if it is mainly based on washing cotton clothes, it is recommended to choose a washing machine. The drum washing machine simulates the handcuffs, the washing degree is uniform, the wear rate is low, the clothes are not easy to be entangled; the cleaning of the pulsator washing machine is 10% higher than that of the drum washing machine, and the wear rate of the washing machine is also 10% higher than that of the drum washing machine.

If the washing degree is required to be cleaned, it is recommended to purchase a washing machine. If it is washed with normal temperature, the pulsator can be cleaned and the roller needs to be heated to clean. But sometimes some clothes are deformed as soon as they are heated and washed.

Here we need to consider such a problem, in terms of wear and tear on the clothes, the roller is indeed a little smaller than the pulsator, but for most ordinary families, this is actually not as big as the salesperson said. the real function. Because at the current level of living, many clothes may not be able to be worn without washing, such as small size, old style and so on. In addition, if the high-end expensive clothes in the home also have special washing requirements, you need to take a special store to dry cleaning. Therefore, there is no need to entangle in such problems or be overwhelmed by the concept of the manufacturer.

Is the inner barrel stainless steel or plastic?

Today's washing machine products use its stainless steel inner barrel as one of its highlights. In fact, the material of the inner barrel is not necessarily stainless steel. There are many kinds of plastics, many polymer materials are not cheaper than steel materials, and the durability is not worse than stainless steel.

The advantage of the stainless steel inner barrel is that you can use the hot water to wash with confidence. However, if the total hot water is used, the polymer inner barrel also has its advantages. It is easy to start, the life is not short, the washing machine is broken, the inner barrel is not necessarily bad, and the corresponding is The failure rate of the washing machine using the polymer inner tub is also low.

When the salesperson introduces the product, it will definitely say that the stainless steel is better than the inner barrel of the plastic, and the average person will think so. However, it is assumed that the inner barrel of the stainless steel is better than the inner barrel of the plastic, but most of the other parts of the washing machine are plastic. When the other plastic parts are broken, the washing machine cannot be used, so what is the use of the stainless steel inner barrel?

Hydropower usage

The washing power of the drum washing machine is generally about 200 watts, and the dehydration is proportional to the rotation speed. If the water temperature is added to 60 degrees, the washing time should be more than 100 minutes, and the power consumption is about 1.5 degrees. If drying, the time and the texture of the clothes It takes at least 40 minutes. This requires the user to not "trip" the meter when using the drying function only after the 10 amp meter is used.

In contrast, the power of a pulsator washing machine is generally around 400 watts, and washing clothes can be as much as 40 minutes, so the power consumption is much smaller. In terms of water consumption, the drum washing machine is about 40% to 50% of the washing machine.

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