No air conditioning? Otaku can use special spray to resist high temperature

In the hot summer, how do otakus spend their days without air conditioning? The Japanese company invented an interesting new product: a cooling foam spray for cooling. This foam will harden quickly in the air and can be pinched into bracelets, necklaces, etc. to help absorbing heat from your body. It is understood that this cool hair

The distribution box is a massive parameter on the data. Generally, it constitutes a low-voltage forest. According to the electrical wiring, it is required to assemble the switchgear, measuring instrument, protective electrical appliance and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or on the screen to form a low-voltage power distribution. box. The circuit can be switched on or off with a manual or automatic switch during normal operation.

Our company's Distribution Boxes are mainly divided into six series(as follow),had exported into global market for many years:

Universal Junction Boxes
Euro type Switch Boxes
Distribution Box
Locks for Switch Boxes
Industrial Plug and Socket
JXF Water Proof Metallic Panel Board

Tsm Flush Mounting Plastic EnclosureHt Type Distribution Box 8ways

Distribution Boxes

Distribution Boxes,Terminal Box,Switch Box,Control Switch Box

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