Edison pushes ultra-small four-crystal LED components to reduce overall system cost

[High-tech LED] Edison Optoelectronics has introduced ultra-small size 4-10W four-crystal white and colorful light (RGBA/ RGBW/ RGGB) Federal FM series LED components, only 5mm x 5mm small size and high performance let designers Can design simpler optical mechanisms and help reduce overall system cost.

According to reports, the cool white components of the Federal FM white light series components can achieve a maximum output of 750 lumens at 700 mA and 550 lumens with warm white components.

Edison said that it also provides a 25-degree lens for optical components to be used in product design. Its high brightness and high performance make it suitable for many applications requiring high lumen performance, including indoor lighting and commercial lighting. Industrial lighting or alternative light bulbs.

In addition, Edison Optoelectronics also launched the Federal FX series of three-in-one, four-in-one, seven-in-one, nine-in-one and twelve-in-one modules and corresponding lenses to provide customers with the use.

Edison said that the colorful light components introduced this time are the smallest LEDs available in the industry. The white light chip can make the RGB color performance softer, while the amber light crystal can make the color gamut more widely.

The FM series is outstanding in color mixing and quality, and is suitable for a variety of applications that require colorful performance, such as architecture, decoration, entertainment or stage lighting. This colorful light component can also be used with the four-in-one square module and lens designed by Edison.

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