Konica Minolta: LED development drives the company's business focus

Konica Minolta has been designing and producing a batch of high-performance optical products with its excellent optical technology and R&D capabilities. It has been widely recognized by the society and has become a leader in the industry. Konica Minolta (China) Investment Co., Ltd. inherits the spirit of “Innovative, Active and Enterprising”, focusing on the rapidly developing LED field, and at the same time achieving the leading position in the growth market and business areas. Provide more accurate measurement products and perfect technical services for LED industry customers. "Konica Minolta will regard the challenge of this transition period as an opportunity to seek further development, and will implement a proactive strategy based on optical measurement technology to strengthen the foundation of the enterprise." Konica Minolta ( Mr. Cai Nanli, Manager of SE Business Department of China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Konica Minolta) told reporters.

High-tech LED: I saw that you showed a lot of equipment at this exhibition. Can you tell us which products are new and used in the LED field?

Cai Nanli: The CL-200A, CS--200, CS-2000 and CS-2000A exhibited at this exhibition can be used in the LED field. The CL-200A is a portable tool for measuring the luminosity and chromaticity of lighting products. Its correlated color temperature measurement function and optical chromaticity measurement accuracy are favored by customers in the lighting industry, especially among LED lighting customers. There is also a new CA-310 designed for LED backlight products. Our equipment has the requirements of brightness, illumination, color temperature, color rendering index, and dominant wavelength of the test light source; it can be applied to LED lighting products, LCD, PDP flat panel display TV, LCD panel of mobile phone or digital camera, and outdoor LED large screen display and other measurements. These devices are not only used in LED products, but also in other products.

High-tech LED: What are the advantages of Konica Minolta's measuring equipment compared with other similar brightness meters, illuminance meters and color analyzers in the domestic market?

Cai Nanli: The most obvious advantage lies in the accuracy of the instrument. Konica Minolta has a long history of optical design and manufacturing, and our products are all made in Japan. In terms of precision, reaching the world's leading level, we not only ensure high product accuracy, but also ensure better repeatability of measured data. For test equipment, the stability of the data is very important, and there must be no excessive fluctuations. With the rapid development of light-emitting elements, such as organic EL (Lianggan EL), like traditional LCD and PDP displays, more accurate spectral radiation curve analysis is required. For example, our CS-2000 is a very accurate spectroradiometer. Its ultra-low brightness measurement reaches the world's top level with a minimum brightness of 0.0005 cd/m2 and a maximum measurement contrast ratio of 100,000:1. The CL-200A is a compact and portable instrument with extremely high optical sensitivity. Its optical filter technology is also world-leading, with a higher level of precision and stability than its competitors.

Gaogong LED: When did Konica Minolta enter the Chinese market? Can you introduce the development of your company?

Cai Nanli: The two optical manufacturing companies, Konica and Minolta, merged in 2003. Founded in 1928, Minolta is known for inventing autofocus cameras, and Konica has more than 100 years of history and is an indispensable part of the imaging industry. Konica Minolta applies optical technology in the fields of cameras and film to test instruments, and develops colorimeter, spectrophotometer, 3D scanner, brightness meter, color analyzer and other products for customers.
We entered China as early as the early 1990s. In 2006, we officially moved the Greater China headquarters from Hong Kong to Shanghai in order to better serve the Chinese market.

High-tech LED: Konica Minolta's product range covers industrial and medical measurement equipment. What are the customer groups? Do you need to customize it for your specific application?

Cai Nanli: Our customers have a wide range of products. As long as the products produced by customers are luminous, in the visible spectrum, brightness, illuminance and spectral radiance are our customer base. For example, the CL-200A is a color-enabled illuminometer that can be used in the development and production of workplace and street lighting, lighting fixtures, and can measure large areas with a serial connection of multiple light-receiving probes. For example, in the case of stage lighting design, how to estimate the illuminance and brightness of each azimuth source, the illumination uniformity measurement of the LED street lamp in the actual lighting environment, the measurement of the uniformity of the projector illumination, etc., can be used to obtain quantitative data. . The spectrophotometers CS-200 and CS-2000 can be used in the field of streetlight engineering inspection, traffic signal lighting, commercial and indoor lighting inspection, and automotive lighting. The CS-100A portable color luminance meter measures a variety of light sources, including signal lights and traffic lights, airport runway lighting, LED lights, and more. In general, in the field of LEDs, back-end applications will be applied to our products.

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