Taiwan LED gap will continue until the end of the year

In view of the current status of LEDs in Taiwan, Ye Weifu, the chairman of Everlight recently, pointed out that the current LED gap has been able to see the end of the year. The annual growth rate of the revenue of the billion-year revenue is 30%. There is absolutely no problem, and the gross profit margin is expected to remain at 30. %.

Mr. Ye Weifu and Chairman of Crystal Power Li Bingjie attended the press conference of Taiwan’s LED 30-year-old Zuo’s new book, and for the second half of the year, Ye Haofu said that despite the supply of LEDs in the second half of the year, the order visibility seen by Yiguang is currently visible. Still maintaining the situation in the first half of the year.

Ye Weifu even predicted that Yiguang’s revenue in the first half of this year will be 45:55. Especially in the continuous improvement of demand, the third-quarter revenue in the third quarter of this year will have the opportunity to see 2 billion yuan. If Yiguang's revenue for the first half of this year is 7.8 billion yuan, this year's annual revenue will reach an all-time high of 17.3 billion yuan, and the annual revenue growth rate will exceed 50%.

In addition, Jingdian recently invested in Guangguang Optoelectronics. Due to the re-issuance of new shares by Jingdian, the outside world is worried that it will dilute equity interests and affect the return on equity of Jingdian. Therefore, some people are not optimistic.

In this regard, Li Bingjie also explained that Jingdian invested in Taigu, Guanggao, etc., stressed that it is a pan-crystal group, that is, in the Pan-Guangzhou Group, customers of various manufacturers should not be the same one, and they should cooperate with each other. Way, but this year, the crystal ROE will have to rise to more than 10%, which may not be reached within 1 year.

Due to the recent price increase of sapphire substrates, is crystal power expected to increase the price of LEDs? Li Bingjie said that the sapphire substrate is indeed over-extended, but the company’s sapphire substrate is sufficient, so the shipments are On the one hand, it will not be affected by the price increase, but the growth of gross profit margin in the second half of the year is more difficult.

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