Flexible OLEDs are used in cars for the first time in the world

-- Holst Centre OLED for Le Mans racing rear view mirror

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 10, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- In this year's 24-hour Le Mans Rally (June 12-13), the French team Oreca's ORECA01 will use the rear belt There is an integrated rear view mirror of the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). Since flexible OLEDs need to be available in a few years (and for indoor use), the project's founders, Huntsman Advanced Materials and Holst Centre, believe that integrating them into the synthetic materials of the car is a great success.

OLEDs are ultra-thin, lightweight devices that save up to 70% in energy consumption compared to traditional light sources, making them the materials of choice for next-generation lighting applications. Before the large-scale launch of flexible OLEDs, there are still some research problems that need to be solved. OLEDs are extremely sensitive to moisture and oxygen and must be protected to maintain a long service life. OLED's ability to successfully integrate into racing is based on Huntsman Advanced Materials' packaging technology and Araldite(R) composites.

The OLED itself comes with the brand Araldite(R) belonging to Huntsman, which is supplied by the Holst Centre. Holst Centre and its partners are among the few companies with the ability to produce flexible OLED lighting and signage equipment. In terms of packaging technology and moisture resistance of flexible electronic devices, Holst Centre and its partners are likely to be ahead of all competitors. Part of the research was carried out as part of the European FP7 project Fast2Light, which was collaborated by the Holst Centre.

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