Jingbei Optoelectronics successfully developed the LED screen brightness program

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, advertising has penetrated into the lives of the broad masses of the people. Everyone has already used the light box advertisements on the road surface, neon advertisements, and bus body advertisements. At this time, a new type of high-tech advertising communication method - LED outdoor electronic display advertising suddenly entered the people's sight.

LED outdoor electronic display is a new type of outdoor communication media. It is highly praised by the advertising media industry and is one of the urban outdoor advertisements. It is characterized by novelity, bright colors, clear images and easy attention to pedestrians. New highlights. The squares and streets of the major urban areas, each with a glamorous LED outdoor electronic display advertisement, "provocatively" the desire of passers-by to pass, giving people unlimited imagination.

As a new high-tech outdoor advertising carrier, LED outdoor electronic display has sprung up in various cities and has become a new bright spot in urban outdoor advertising. In the past, most commercial advertisements were published in traditional forms such as banners, banners, and arches. However, this model is no longer suitable for urban development. Setting the LED outdoor electronic display is an improvement of the outdoor static propaganda mode of the hanging banner. It is popular among merchants for its advantages of scrolling and wide audience. Moreover, the LED outdoor electronic display integrates the advantages of beautifying the environment, conserving resources, and carrying a large amount of information. It not only provides a modern outdoor advertising distribution channel for the merchants, but also adds a city prosperity scene, enhances the grade and taste of the city, and enhances Comprehensive competitiveness.

While the LED outdoor electronic display prompts the city grade, due to the improper placement of some LED outdoor electronic display screens and the volume control is not in place, the noise pollution caused by the LEDs has also caused problems for nearby residents, units and schools. A number of complaints or complaints about LED outdoor electronic display noise nuisances have also been found on online media such as government portals.

It is understood that most of the LED outdoor electronic display playback time is mainly concentrated from 8 am to 12 am, from 2:30 pm to 10 pm. In order to pursue the sensory impact and attract the attention of passers-by, the advertising media organizations often adjust the brightness and contrast of the electronic display to the maximum. The screen brightness is high, especially in the evening and at night, the screen is bright and forms a strong contrast with the road surface, causing the passers-by to stun when crossing the road, that is, the so-called "light pollution". The electronic display at the intersection also distracts the attention of the driver of the vehicle and the passing pedestrians, creating a safety hazard.

The outdoor noise of LED outdoor display and the high-light disturbance phenomenon have attracted the attention of the municipal appearance management department. Some city management administrative law enforcement detachments specially convened some LED outdoor electronic display owners to discuss how to solve the problem of LED outdoor electronic display nuisance. Some owners have already adjusted the volume of their outdoor LED display.

The management of LED outdoor electronic display is still blank in China. How to set it up cannot be relied upon, and how to manage it has no rules to follow. In order to solve this problem, in the future, the layout of LED outdoor electronic display screens will be strictly controlled, and the daily management of outdoor electronic display screens will be strengthened. It is proposed to formulate a special "Regulations on the Management of Outdoor Advertising Electronic Display Screens". At the same time, further establish and improve the relevant inspection and assessment system, and regularly check and evaluate the existing LED outdoor electronic display. Mainly for the electronic display screen during the playback of the image, color, brightness, the appearance of the maintenance of the facility and other aspects of special inspection, improve the quality of the electronic display playback, as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of light pollution, and further brighten and beautify the city The environment has truly made this new type of high-tech advertising communication a bright spot in the city.

As a professional manufacturer of LED full-color electronic display, Shenzhen Jingbei Optoelectronics Technology has conducted in-depth research on the light pollution brought by LED electronic display. At present, a program has been developed to control the maximum brightness of LED display. The placed environment and the viewing distance have different maximum brightness limits. Moreover, the LED lights used in the crystal color LED display are all purchased now. There is no backlog of old lights. There is no difference in the brightness of the whole screen caused by the brightness of the single lamp, and the new lights we purchase will pass through. The secondary mixing lamp ensures the consistency of the brightness of the whole screen, which gives a better visual experience and reduces the light pollution to a certain extent.

In addition to advertising, LED outdoor electronic display often broadcasts news, public service advertisements and various national large-scale activities, which greatly enriches the cultural life of the citizens, becomes the principle and policy of propagating the party and the state, and issues local municipal committees and municipal governments. An important channel for information. Therefore, the large-scale use of LED electronic display later requires the friendly cooperation of major LED electronic display manufacturers and end users, together to standardize this new high-tech "new things" so that it can truly become a popular way of communication. Shenzhen Jingbeier Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. will work together with all users to make LED full-color electronic display bring better effects and popular media in the media!

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