Guoge Lighting Module won the 2010 Outstanding Optoelectronics Product Award

Taiwan's Guoge Metal Technology Co., Ltd. spent 30 million yuan to develop the "30W 2700 lumens LED lighting module", which won the 2010 Outstanding Optoelectronics Product Award.

The LED lighting module includes three components: base heat dissipation, LED light-emitting body and pressing ring. The basic unit is 30W, 45W or 60W. If the use place requires a high wattage, a plurality of LED light-emitting modules can be added in the space of the lamp. Group, very expandable.

The 30W 2700 lumen LED lighting module is completely covered with plastic material, so it is very antistatic and dustproof. The LED lens designed with a pointed column can achieve the best light shape, the light extraction efficiency is over 90% and the light shape can be diversified.

The module adopts the tight ring method and antistatic to 40KV or above. It has a plug-in patented design that is easy to disassemble. It has passed the IP67 test and can be used in water for a long time. It will not be damaged when falling from 4 meters.

The patented process of the module adopts Nichia LED light source, which can be applied to lighting of various environments such as street lamps, indoor and outdoor, water, tunnels, parking lots, etc. It has been widely used in Shanghai New High-tech Park. After the award, it is planned to expand the production line to prepare for the orders brought by the high enquiry.

MC Plus series Outdoor LED Light Box Advertising P6 LED Display 

1. Integrated design: Outdoor LED Display's power and receiver card integrated in the control panel, no signal cable between the module and the power line, greatly improving the stability and reliability;

2. Full Color Outdoor LED Light Box has stable circuit control technology, simple operation, easy maintenance;

3. Outdoor Led light box Advertising P6 LED Display use unique die-cast aluminum box structure, stable, durable, lightweight;

4. "light, thin, dense" feature, in order to provide a greater realization of creative space;

5. Led display billboard is accurate, fast and flexible installation location, can effectively respond to different application areas;

6. Outdoor full color led display with deep gray scale processing technology, high-quality screen refresh, High Definition and create fantastic stage effects;


Outdoor LED Light Box

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