Meiya direct mail CANON Canon Hyun fly SELPHY CP1200 new wireless photo printer sun single

In the afternoon, I received a delivery message from the express safe deposit box at home. I was a little puzzled and didn't buy anything. Is it Meyer's printer? Pidianpidian ran down to take a look, it really is a large package of the United States and Asia, which stuffed a pile of paper buffer, this is not, a warm printer, and began to write a single. I had thought of purchasing a CP910 earlier and occasionally went to see if there was a low price in the United States and Asia. I found that the price had been around $100 and I hadn’t started. In early January, I forgot where I saw the news on the new CP1200. The search on Meiya Asia was already open for sale. After all, buying a new one did not buy an old one. The white price was $109.99 but it was not in stock. After waiting a few days, the price fell to $99. Did not hesitate to place a single, direct mail plus taxes a total of 119.24 US dollars, because I have a $ 14.3 gift card balance, so the total price is 104.94 US dollars. First product link:

Orders are placed in the morning and deducted in the afternoon. It can be said to be fast... However, it has been a long time in China. The Customs came out on the 26th and received on the 30th.

Next, unpack and unpack:

Family portrait, printer body, P-size photo paper box (corresponding to supplies RP-108 or KP-108IN, relatively the most affordable of all sizes ... a cat purchases about 1.5 yuan per piece), full voltage power cord and adapter, Manual, 5 sheets of printing paper and ribbon, there is no domestic version of the dust cover:

Here's a brief introduction, Hyun fly CP1200 (domestic official website link) can enjoy the fun of printing anytime, anywhere, just insert a memory card or U disk, press the "print" button, the photo can be printed immediately, and can automatically optimize the image , Smooth skin, adjust color and brightness, support a variety of glossy print effects.

Well, hurry to put on a photo paper and ribbon print a try, after booting first tune into Chinese, and connect home wifi, mobile phone select photos directly print:

Kids birthday, grandmother and grandmother holding them blowing candles:

The CP1200's gloss effect adds a new style 3:

With the new glossy effect pattern 3 print, the feeling is that Microdermabrasion version:

Because I only use it at home for the time being, I don’t need a direct-type battery to test mobile printing. Overall, I think the image clarity is normal. At home, I still have enough photos, and it’s very small and easy to use. Take up the place, take out the mobile phone and choose a favorite photo to print on it, SO EASY~, next to get a photo wall at home, nothing pats the child to print the photo to put up, isn't it happy?

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