Zhongshan Heli fosters LED green lighting industry

In order to speed up the transformation of the economic development mode of Zhongshan City, promote the guiding principle of “three promotion and one maintenance”, and maintain steady and rapid economic growth, Zhongshan City actively explores and innovates, fosters and supports strategic emerging industries, and promotes the transformation of traditional industries into modern industries. At the same time, under the guidance of the provincial “Thousand Miles of 100,000” high-power LED street lamp industrialization demonstration and promotion project, “Technical and special projects for energy conservation, emission reduction and renewable energy”, Zhongshan City seized opportunities and made full use of the original lighting lighting. The traditional advantages of the industry, vigorously develop LED green lighting, and focus on the research and development and industrialization of key technologies in the LED industry. By organizing major demonstration projects and implementing special programs for supporting enterprises in science and technology, we will extensively carry out industry-university-research cooperation and create an industry-wide technology platform and The industrial technology alliance has injected strong momentum into the industrial development, and strives to make the LED industry bigger, stronger and better, and become a new bright spot of economic growth.

The city together to cultivate LED green lighting industry

As one of the most important emerging strategic industries in Zhongshan City, even in the context of the international financial crisis, the city's LED lighting industry is still rising against the market, with a growth rate of 30%. In 2009, the city's LED and related supporting industries realized an output value of 6.5 billion yuan. The scale of the company continued to grow rapidly, the lighting products and applications made great progress, and it had a strong market advantage. The industrial scale was second only to Shenzhen in the province. Zhongshan City is vigorously integrating industrial resources, using local applications as a breakthrough, accelerating the layout of the LED industry belt, and striving to achieve a gorgeous turn from the lighting capital to the light source capital.

â–  Converging resources to optimize the LED industry development environment

The municipal party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to the development of the LED industry, and established the LED industry development leading group led by the deputy mayor, strengthened the support of organizations, policies, and funds, and comprehensively pooled innovative resources to support the development of the LED industry. At present, Zhongshan City has invested more than 50 million yuan in the LED industry, established the world's lighting lighting patent database, LED industry technology alliance, professional testing platform, product display platform, and is planning to build an industrial common technology research and development platform and engineering design institute. , to create LED Zhongshan manufacturing, Zhongshan design brand; Xiaolan launched the country's largest professional LED business project - "LED China Jiuzhou City" project, with a total area of ​​250,000 square meters, through the network and mall form, to create LED trading Exhibition service platform. It has promoted the improvement of the industrial development environment, the industrial agglomeration has been continuously improved, and the industrial innovation capability has been greatly enhanced. A number of LED upper and middle-end elite enterprises and a large number of related technical talents are accelerating the gathering in Zhongshan. For example, Taiwan's LED packaging leading company Yiguang Electronics Co., Ltd. is building an LED packaging production line in Xiaolan, with an estimated annual output value of 2 billion yuan. Zhongshan Mulinsen Electronics Co., Ltd., the largest in-line LED packaging industry in China, will also increase investment and expand its industrial scale. The annual output value will reach 2 billion yuan.

â–  Grasp the demonstration and promote the development of LED industry with local demonstration application as a breakthrough

Zhongshan City has included the LED lighting demonstration project as a key task in urban and rural integration. In the past three years, it plans to invest 150 million yuan, unified deployment and overall planning. The first phase of LED street lighting demonstration in the towns and squares of Xiaolan, Guzhen and other towns. Xiaolan has installed more than 1,500 LED street lights, accounting for 10% of the town's street lights, with a total length of 20 kilometers, covering the entire Xiaolan New District, with a power saving rate of more than 50%. On this basis, the town will install 2,500 LED street lights in 2010. The ancient town started the LED street lighting landscape lighting renovation project in the Guzhen Commercial Building and its surrounding business districts. The demonstration project has received strong support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Provincial Science and Technology Department. It has received 4 million yuan of special funds for the province's “Thousands of Miles” LED, and is actively applying for the national “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” LED special project. It is estimated that by 2012, more than 30,000 LED lighting fixtures will be demonstrated and scaled up, driving the industry's new output value of 5 billion yuan, fully implementing LED lighting projects in Zhongshan City, building a modern lighting industry base in our province, and laying a solid technology and Industry base.

â–  Heavy service, providing one-stop patent and inspection services for the LED industry

In order to accelerate the innovation and development of LED green lighting industry in Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City cooperated with Beijing Oriental Lingdun Technology Co., Ltd., the leading enterprise in the construction of patent database and information service in China, and built the world lighting under the cooperation of Guzhen Town Government. The patent database, which contains more than 600,000 patents related to lamps, lighting and applications in 41 countries and regions, accurately reflects the world's latest and most advanced technology and intelligence in the field of lighting. The database has been well promoted and applied in the market, attracting more than 700 lighting companies to use the database. At the same time, Zhongshan City cooperated with Thomson Scientific Information Group, the world's largest intellectual property information service provider, to purchase 8 sets of Thomson Innovation search database accounts, and relying on the Municipal Productivity Promotion Center to provide the world's key lighting industry in Zhongshan. The top online intellectual property management and analysis platform helps companies complete patent strategy analysis reports and help companies innovate. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau allocated 5 million yuan in the construction of the common technology platform, and invested nearly 10 million yuan in the joint government of Xiaolan Town. Based on the purchase of advanced testing equipment by the Xiaolan Productivity Promotion Center, the public inspection platform for LED products was built and qualified in China. Accreditation of the National Accreditation Service (CNAS certificate number: L3337), free testing services for enterprises, more than 100 service companies, testing more than 200 batches of products. Guzhen Lighting Engineering Center cooperates with Provincial Quality Inspection Center and Zhejiang University to jointly build a public inspection platform for LED lighting products and participate in the formulation of national standards for general lighting LED series.

â–  Promote research and development, guide leading enterprises to strengthen key technologies of LED core

Zhongshan City is closely aiming at the international advanced manufacturing level, and organizes the implementation of high-tech white LED epitaxial materials with independent intellectual property rights, and the key technologies of domestically produced key manufacturing technologies for chips and packages; organizes implementation of LED heat dissipation, optical design, aging, and online detection. Such as the key technology of scientific and technological research, the development of high efficiency, high uniformity, cost-effective LED lighting products, to achieve large-scale production. Improve the industrial chain of chip manufacturing, product packaging, light source product application, improve the scale and innovation ability of LED green lighting industry, and promote the technology upgrade and enlargement of LED lighting industry. Among them, the project of “High-power white LED lighting source module based on loop heat pipe cooling technology” jointly developed by Zhongshan Mulinsen Electronics Co., Ltd. and Sun Yat-sen University won the support of 1 million yuan of major science and technology projects of “energy saving, emission reduction and renewable energy”. Produced a "high power, low thermal resistance" high performance LED lighting source module. The research and application project of integrated packaging technology for single-bead high-power white LED street light source developed by Zhongshan Hongbao Electric Co., Ltd. was supported by the National SME Technology Innovation Fund of 700,000 yuan to produce a single bead 30 watt combination to 180 watts of high power. The LED light-emitting diode street lighting system has been successfully applied to the municipal lighting renovation project of more than 10 major sections of Fangshan District, Beijing.

â– Building alliances to build the advantage of Zhongshan LED Industry Group

In order to solve the lack of industry norms, independent intellectual property rights and public service platforms in Zhongshan LED lighting industry, Zhongshan City actively integrates LED industry resources with the support of National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance (CSA) and Provincial Science and Technology Department. The establishment of the semiconductor industry technology alliance, to promote the complementary advantages of the LED industry-related towns, cooperation and win-win, to create LED lighting industry clusters, to form regional advantages as soon as possible. By relying on industry alliances to organize project cooperation negotiations, industry-university-research cooperation, technology research and development, and intellectual property rights protection, we will integrate and integrate scientific and technological resources, and strive to promote the development of key and common technologies such as semiconductor lighting industry chips and technical standards. There are 50 alliance companies. In 2009, the Technology Alliance hosted the National Municipal Lighting Energy-Saving Products and Technology Exchange Conference, which attracted more than 300 enterprises and institutions from Singapore, Hong Kong and more than 10 provinces and cities across the country to participate in the conference, successfully demonstrating the mature products and technologies of Zhongshan LED. Promote the cooperation and exchange between Zhongshan LED enterprises and well-known universities and scientific research institutions in the country, enhance the visibility of Zhongshan LED industry, promote the smooth development of LED demonstration projects, and accelerate the innovation and upgrading of Zhongshan lighting industry.

â–  Innovate and strengthen the effective combination of technology and finance

Zhongshan City takes science and technology finance as a pilot city construction as an opportunity to innovate ways and methods, actively plan the construction of science and technology financial system, and provide financial guarantee for the development of low-carbon economic industries such as LED new light source. The innovative contract energy management (EMC) model takes the LED lighting demonstration project as an opportunity to actively promote the financial innovation model of “user + enterprise + bank”. Xiaolan has invested 5 million yuan to transform LED street lights. The government has used the provincial and municipal special support funds to subsidize 1000-2500 yuan / baht (the price of LED street lamps is 3000-8000 yuan per ounce), and the remaining amount is managed by contract energy. In the five years after the street lamp is used, it is monitored by street lamps and returned to the LED street lamp manufacturer in the saving of electricity. The company is responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the street lamps and ensures that the light decay of the LED street lamps cannot exceed 5%/year. Zhongshan City is actively cooperating with Shenzhen Guoneng Xinyuan Energy Saving Investment Co., Ltd. to accelerate the widespread promotion of the EMC model and provide sufficient financial support for the development of the LED industry.

Implementing LED Lighting Top Ten Technology Innovation Projects to Expand LED Green Lighting Industry

In the new year, in order to firmly grasp the large-scale commercial application of LED street lamps, the LED lighting market ushered in a historic opportunity of explosive growth, increase the intensity of LED demonstration applications, guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development, and improve the independent innovation capability of enterprises. To improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and strengthen and expand the LED industry, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will jointly implement the top ten scientific and technological innovation projects of LED lighting in the relevant townships, and strive for the guidance and support of 50 million yuan of scientific and technological funds at all levels to help enterprises seize technology and The commanding heights of the market have become the city's leaders and models for nurturing strategic emerging industries.

First, the LED industry development technology roadmap preparation project. Make full use of Thomson Innovation search platform, world lighting and lighting patent database, focus on LED chip and epitaxy, packaging, materials, products, engineering technology and packaging equipment, form LED industry patent strategy analysis report, refer to "Guangdong LED industry development technology route Figure, the technical roadmap for the development of LED industry in Zhongshan City. Combining the current situation of the industry with the future development trend of the technology, through the analysis of the market demand, industrial goals, technical barriers and other systems of the industry, the research and development needs of the industry in the near, medium and long term are established, and key common technology projects that have a significant impact on the development of the industry are identified. In order to grasp the initiative of independent innovation and industrial development at the source.

Second, the LED industry technology and strong enterprises support the planning project. Based on the competitive advantages of LED industry in Zhongshan City, we will carry out scientific and technological research on key technologies such as LED packaging, product heat dissipation and optical design, aging and online testing, adopt provincial and municipal linkages, and implement provincial energy-saving emission reduction and renewable energy major science and technology projects. Science and technology strong enterprise support plan, etc., focus on supporting leading enterprises to develop high-efficiency, high-uniformity and cost-effective LED lighting products with independent intellectual property rights, realize large-scale production, and improve the industrial chain of chip manufacturing, product packaging, light source product application, etc. . Strive to create a group of leading enterprises with strong technical innovation capabilities, create a group of brands with independent intellectual property rights, and promote the successful listing of a number of high-growth enterprises.

The third is the creation of a provincial green lighting demonstration town. Cooperate with the Provincial Science and Technology Department, strengthen the demonstration project construction through town and town linkage, and implement the project with intensity and scale. It will quickly promote the renovation of LED streetlights, square lighting and government indoor LED lighting in Xiaolan and Guzhen, with high standards and high efficiency. . At the same time, continue to innovate and develop the contract energy management (EMC) model, use the “user + enterprise + bank” financial innovation model, introduce buyer credit, use financial power to share engineering risks, and ensure the maximum benefits and risks of production, consumption and finance. Minimize, provide solutions for scale, quick financing, early effectiveness in demonstration projects, and create a provincial green lighting demonstration town. Based on this, we will actively strive to implement LED lighting demonstration projects in urban main roads.

The fourth is the creation of the national LED industry technology innovation service platform. Integrate and utilize the LED lighting product testing service platform of Xiaolan and Guzhen, focus on the superior strength, vigorously develop the cooperation of industry, university and research institute, introduce innovative resources of famous universities and research institutions at home and abroad, build LED lighting product research and development center, carry out scientific and technological research and quality service, and create National or provincial technology innovation service platform.

The fifth is the creation of LED New Light Source Engineering Technology Design and Research Institute. Relying on the strength of the semiconductor industry technology alliance and expert committee, the company actively attracts engineers and designers from the LED and OLED industries at home and abroad to join, and cultivate local engineering design talents, set up a new light source engineering technology research institute, and undertake Zhongshan, China and Hong Kong and Macao regions. The LED outdoor lighting, interior lighting design and construction projects have enhanced the visibility of Zhongshan LED industry and started the brand of Zhongshan Manufacturing and Zhongshan Design.

Sixth is the LED industry e-commerce platform creation project. Cooperate with Xiaolan's “LED China Jiuzhou City” construction, use the network and electronic information technology to build an online LED China Jiuzhou City trading platform, and fully learn from the successful operation experience of Guzhen International Lighting Lighting E-commerce Platform, put offline, online two The market is invigorated and enlarged, so that LEDs can be bought, and Zhongshan can be found in Jiuzhou City.

Seventh is the creation of the national LED industry international science and technology cooperation base. Actively responding to the urgent need for technology upgrades in Zhongshan LED companies, taking the lead in exploring new ways of international scientific and technological cooperation initiated by the government around the region and industry, and introducing high-end technologies in LEDs such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. A wider range of industry docking, avoiding low-level repetitive research and development, and achieving a key leap in LED technology in Zhongshan City.

Eight is the creation of the National Torch Plan LED Characteristic Industrial Base. Give full play to the guidance and driving role of the Torch Program, integrate the advantageous resources of the LED industry-related townships, promote cluster innovation, establish and improve the technical facilities, technology research and development platform and service system of the industrial base, and create a national or provincial Torch Plan LED characteristic industrial base. To nurture and promote the LED industry cluster in Zhongshan City, improve the overall competitiveness of the regional economy, and form a demonstration and promotion of the pilot city of the National Torch Program Characteristic Industrial Cluster Innovation.

Nine is the creation project of the comprehensive demonstration base for the cooperation of LED production, education and research in the province. Innovate the cooperation mechanism of industry, university and research institutes, give full play to the role of the platform, vigorously gather LED innovation resources at home and abroad, actively introduce state-level key laboratories, engineering centers and other branches to comprehensively improve the base research and development capabilities, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization, and create The provincial, industry, university and research cooperation comprehensive demonstration base provides demonstrations for the province and the whole country.

Ten is the LED industry science and technology talent project. We will implement the “6+1” talent policy of the city, strengthen the introduction of high-end talents and scientific research teams through the construction of scientific and technological innovation projects and innovative engineering projects, and actively implement the provincial and ministerial enterprise science and technology commissioner action plan. At the same time, intensify efforts to cultivate local LED industry talents, Xiaolan has plans to open LED lighting disciplines in Jianbin Vocational Middle School to deliver talents for the booming LED industry.

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