LED industry investment hot application market continues to expand

     LED is recognized by the countries of the world as one of the most promising high-tech industries because of its energy saving and environmental protection. With the continuous advancement of technology, large-scale application of LED in the field of backlight and illumination is about to start. According to analysts' forecasts, the output value of China's entire LED industry will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2010. Investment institutions at home and abroad have turned their attention to the LED field, and the LED industry has become a hot spot for investment.


     However, the LED industry has a relatively long industrial chain (including upstream, midstream, downstream and applied products). The technical characteristics and capital characteristics of each field are quite different. How do investment institutions deeply analyze the characteristics of the LED industry and choose the market prospect and core? It is especially important for a competitive company to invest. In addition, how to timely understand the changes in domestic and international market trends, develop effective market strategies, and establish brands is the key to the success of LED companies.

     In order to promote the prosperity and development of China's LED industry, the "4th LED Industry Theme Summit Forum" jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED and National High-tech Enterprise Development LED Professional Committee will be held in Shenzhen on December 18-19, 2009. This forum will focus on the "LED industry investment and market strategy", especially invites domestic and foreign high-tech field investment circles, corporate marketing planning experts, and the management operators of China's LED industry enterprises on LED industry enterprises and projects. Investing and financing to conduct discussions and docking negotiations, in-depth exchanges on the marketing strategy of LED products.

     The summit forum is divided into two major themes: LED Industry Investment Forum (18th) and LED Market Strategy Forum (19th).

     The LED Industry Investment Forum (18th) aims to analyze the investment environment and opportunities driven by the policy environment of China's LED industry, promote outstanding enterprises and excellent LED projects, and promote industrial financial investment cooperation.

     The main topics of the LED industry investment forum are: the policy environment analysis of the LED industry by the central and local governments in China; the LED industry advantage and market risk analysis in China; the LED lighting industry in VC eyes; the investment environment and investment opportunities of China's LED industry; Interpretation of financing bottlenecks; financial innovation cooperation mode for LED industry development; how to invest in effective technology; analysis of LED enterprise financing channels; LED enterprise GEM listing path and strategy; excellent enterprises and excellent LED project promotion.

     The LED Strategy Forum (19th) aims to explore the status quo and trends of LED technology and market development in China, deeply analyze the characteristics of domestic and international LED market demand, and explore the opportunities and risks faced by the domestic LED industry structure transformation.

     The main topics of the LED market strategy forum are: China's LED development status and 2010 trend forecast; China's LED research and development status and strategy; market shuffling deep water bomb - intellectual property application strategy; China's LED industry structure status and transformation Order-for-investment: the fog of the lost LED industry; EMC and BOT's market structure and business model; new investment in the industry--International semiconductor giants, their process capabilities, access and capital advantages have been highly transferred to the LED industry, is a competitive crisis Or is it an opportunity for development?

     This forum also specially essays to the industry. The main essay content directions are: LED industry investment scale analysis; LED technology and investment correlation analysis; investment LED enterprise basic conditions; LED enterprise financing necessity and urgency; LED enterprise how Packaging and listing; foreign LED enterprise investment case analysis; 2009 LED market review and summary; 2010 LED market forecast analysis; LED latest technology research results, patent introduction; traditional lighting industry how to deal with the rapid development of LED; China LED industry how to face Competition of foreign counterparts; marketing strategy of LED products.

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