The global LED market is growing rapidly, the government will introduce relevant measures

Recently, US stocks of LED (light-emitting diodes) stocks soared, and the stock price even hit a new high in five years. Analysts pointed out that in the context of the rapid growth of the global LED market, the government is currently mulling and introducing relevant measures to support the LED industry to become bigger and stronger, and the A-share LED sector is also worthy of investors' attention.

Overseas LED stocks continue to rise

Recently, Cree, which is listed on NASDAQ in the US, has seen its share price rise recently. Cree produces LED upstream chips. US domestic analysts are quite optimistic, setting their target price at $45, while the current company stock price is around $40.

The domestic LED sector stocks have a good trend in the near future, and the US stocks related sectors will rise sharply or will have a linkage effect! A brokerage analyst believes that on October 12 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy Conservation Industry Development Opinion" clearly stated In 2015, the average annual growth rate of the output value of the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry was around 30%.

Li Zhizhong, a researcher at Datong Securities, who has researched the LED industry, said that after the introduction of the six ministries, the relevant departments are expected to further introduce more detailed support policies, which are expected to tilt toward the upstream of the industry, such as the development of chips and key materials, and the policies that can be expected. Including taxation and industrial support funds.

Five companies deserve attention

Li Zhizhong believes that under the expectation of high growth and development of the industry in the future, this year, Sanan Optoelectronics [36.85 1.32%], Dehao Runda [14.80 -0.40%], Tongfang Shares [16.84 -0.41%], Lianchuang Optoelectronics [9.68] 0.31%], Feile Audio [8.75 10.06%] has invested heavily in the LED field. As a leading company in the LED industry, Sanan Optoelectronics products cover the full-color series of LED epitaxy and chips, accounting for nearly 60% of the national production capacity. The company's gross profit margin has also been at a relatively high level. The company is currently expanding its production capacity and the industry leader will be further established. Tongfang shares, as one of the four largest IC design companies in China, will not have any obstacles in technology after spending LCD. Silan Micro [9.00 0.45%] has a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-brightness LED chips. The company has seized the high-end link of the industry chain since its establishment, thus ensuring a relatively lucrative profit. In addition, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, which has been involved in the LED industry since 2002, has an advantage in LED applications.

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