Crown products introduce soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint suitable for LED lamps

The LED street lamp regulation CNS 15233 was passed in December last year. In the future, LED Lamp manufacturers must pass 4,000 hours of lighting test before they have the opportunity to rob all government standards. However, the high heat emitted by LED epitaxial is still a difficult point for LED lamp manufacturers. In order to assist domestic LED manufacturers to quickly solve the problem of LED conduction heat dissipation, Guanpin Chemical has recently launched a soft ceramic thermal paint for LED lamps, which can effectively solve the problem of sultry heat in the past, and help LED outdoor lighting manufacturers to be more effective. Through environmental testing, the standard will be verified as soon as possible to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon saving public welfare.

The soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint for LED lamps introduced by Guanpin Chemical can be directly sprayed on the outside of LED lamps. The construction operation is simple and can adapt to various shapes of heat dissipation structure. The thermal energy of the LED lamp is quickly transmitted out by the soft ceramic particles in the heat-dissipating paint. This kind of soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint is a thermosetting material, which is in compliance with RoHS environmental protection safety regulations. The construction procedure is simple and does not require any special equipment. After baking, it is heat-set and can withstand the high temperature of LED for a long time without quality change.

Zheng Chonghuang, the associate of Guanpin Chemical, said that the soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint of Guanpin LED lamps can be matched with different colors according to customers' requirements, so that the design of LED lamps is more tangible and the heat dissipation effect is just as good. At present, LED lamps for outdoor lighting are anodized or sprayed with protective paint on the outer casing of outdoor LED lamps in order to withstand the effects of wind, sun and rain. However, these erosion-resistant treatments are added to the steamer. The lid of the lid, which heats the heat that needs to be conducted, is sealed back and causes the life of the LED lamp to be shortened. Therefore, an effective solution is to change the soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint with acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

Guanpin LED outdoor lighting heat-dissipating paint can withstand the pH value of PH 3~11, without fear of acid rain erosion, it will form a protective film on LED outdoor lamps, and at the same time have the effect of rapidly transmitting heat energy. Because it is made of soft ceramics and special formula materials, it also has a considerable degree of assembly impact, and it is not easy to cause scratches in assembly. At present, the sprayable area per kilogram is about 40~50 square meters, and the material cost is less than 90 yuan/ Square meters can effectively solve the pain of poor heat dissipation of existing LED outdoor lamps after anodizing or baking. (Editor: Xiao Zhou)
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