Lizhi Q4 performance is expected to be the same as Q3, LED lights will be shipped next year

Due to quarterly factors, Lizhi (3483) consolidated revenue in the fourth quarter will be flat or down from the previous quarter, and gross margin will fall to 25-25.47%. In addition to the field of NB heat dissipation, Lizhi has already developed a number of products in the LED lighting layout. Among them, Nazhijie's headlights will be shipped in 2010 with LED lights and headlights for cars and SUVs.

The third quarter gross profit margin fell to 25.47%, and the single-quarter net profit after tax increased by 33% to NT$80 million, with a profit of approximately RMB2 per share. Li Zhi pointed out that the decline in gross profit margin was mainly due to the fact that the exchange rate, the lack of labor in the mainland and the lower gross profit of the module shipped more than the fan module. General Manager Shi Mingxi said that the situation in the third quarter was not bad, but the lack of work in the mainland led to lower shipments than orders, while the new employees had lower output value, which affected the performance of gross profit margins. The impact will be reduced. The combined revenue in October and November will decline from September, but will still maintain more than 300 million yuan.

Looking forward to 2010, Shi Mingzhen believes that the annual increase in module shipments is expected to reach 2-3 percent, and the combined revenue will be better than 2009. The gross profit margin for 2010 will remain above 25%, and the operating profit margin will be maintained. It is about 10% in 2009.

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