The opportunity cost of LED lighting is becoming more reasonable

Although the sales of LED TVs have led to a tight supply of LED chips, which has dragged down the shipment of LED commercial lighting, with the expansion of the organic metal chemical vapor epitaxy (MOCVD) machine up to 400 in 2010. Taiwan, LED die cost is expected to be significantly reduced, and drive commercial lighting demand.
Lin Jiliang, chairman and general manager of Nanjing, pointed out that in 2009, LED street lights and architectural lighting accounted for 50% of Nanjing's overall revenue contribution, totaling NT$600 million; in 2010, it will see NT$1.6 billion.
In addition to LED backlight LCD TVs, LED commercial lighting is the largest LED application in recent years. Lin Jiliang, chairman and general manager of Nanjing, estimates that LED commercial lighting is a consumer-side application, so the future market size will be much larger than the backlight source. In terms of Nanjing commercial lighting revenue contribution, it is estimated that it will reach NT$100 million in 2010. Yuan, by 2011, there is a chance to climb to NT$5-10 billion.
In 2009, the demand for LEDTV increased rapidly, and the supply of upstream LED chips was unprepared, which caused the market to be in short supply. However, in view of the surge in market demand and the consideration of marginalization of the market for anti-blocking, LED chip manufacturers have stepped up their efforts to expand production. Lunda Electronics, a subsidiary of AUO's 100% investment, can add up to 200 MOCVD machines in 2009 and 2010. It is now the world's top five and Taiwan's second largest LED die factory; In addition, other MOCVD machines such as Samsung, Zhenmingli, Liansheng Optoelectronics and other domestic and foreign LED chip manufacturers have ordered more than 400 MOCVD machines. In order to increase the production capacity of LED die manufacturers, in addition to contributing to the decline in the unit price of LED chips, in order to seize the market opportunity, LED die factory also strives to improve the efficiency of LED die, which will accelerate the take-off of LED commercial lighting market. .
Lin Jiliang said that focusing on the decline in LED die prices, coupled with luminous efficiency comparable to fluorescent lamps, will prompt the rapid expansion of LED applications, where lighting and landscape lighting will be the first to ferment; and then benefit from the Chinese mainland policy, and LED light source Can replace high-pressure sodium lamps, 2010 will be the first year of LED street lamps; as for LED commercial lighting demand will grow significantly in 2011.

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