Print, what are you pursuing? - Geng Meng G2 printers measured

On Valentine's Day in 2017, there is another lover's Valentine on the same date.

But this year's Valentine's Day is so different from the past - I have received what is worth buying a test application success notice!

but! But I have bought an opportunity on the eve of Valentine's Day to send my own Valentine's Day gift spicy! ! Pickpockets! How can I not control my own hand...

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On Saturday, I received the beloved wingman. Just three couriers were received on that day. Then the son and her husband started the mocking mode.

1, appearance

Sun drying shell first! I have always admired the "value" seal ... ... finally see the real thing today ~

The packaging shell is still relatively exquisite, bright colors, cartoons.

After opening it is very simple but all the instructions are useful content -

When I unpacked, my husband looked at the side casually and exclaimed, "Hey, it's beautiful!" This straight man can be praised, indicating that the machine's face value is still really good.

It is commendable that the power cord presented by the winger is a plug instead of a simple USB cable.

2, connect mobile phone and app download

To my surprise, the wingman is actually not portable. It must be plugged in. After plugging in, the machine automatically turns on and prints a setup guide directly.

The mobile app is scanned and installed on the simple version manual.

After opening it found that its app software features more than expected, the main is social ...

Feeling that the main reason is to take the opportunity to socialize ... ... of course, you can also subscribe to the personal number, download and print some good-looking fun material.

In addition, there is a game in the app, similar to the flick bottle in WeChat, which can be used to randomly print out the contents shared by others, or you can make friends.

3, print function evaluation

Well, said so much, in fact, to buy a printer, the most important thing is the print function. In fact, no matter whether it is an opportunity to buy a machine or a test machine, I didn't even think about what to do with it... (The pickpocket is sick, he needs to be cured...)

Let's take a look at how it prints photos:

The self-timer during the previous Spring Festival, but not worried about being discovered by an acquaintance, has already been changed by Mito.

So what does it look like when printed?

The effect is touching... Do you really want to buy a photo girl? Do you really have the heart to see this photo?

Then try for an illustration -

Original image:

Print effect:

Hmmm... It seems to be acceptable...



The machine is still very clear!

4, summary

In fact, when writing evaluations, I have been thinking, where is the positioning of wingman? As a thermal printer, what is its main selling point?

Personally think that this wingman may be more suitable for girls around the age of 20 or even younger, like to play social software, get to know strangers, develop a new social approach, and buy it for you.

In addition, if you like PDAs, you can take the opportunity to play some small illustrations of what, although it is black and white, the effect is acceptable, after all, consumables are cheap (of course, maybe look out after N years to find it is not impossible to fade ......)

But like some office workers, full-time mothers, really telling the truth, I really don't have the patience to use this printer... aside from typing, other features are really bad...

Lastly, the second generation of pheasant chickens gave up the Bluetooth connection function and changed to wifi connection, which has advantages but also lost more portability. In fact, it is equivalent to being fixed on the table. There is no way to use it at any time.

The above is my use of a little bit of experience, as far as possible objective, but may not be comprehensive enough, I hope to see more of God's report oh

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