From the selling point to the characteristics - Himalaya 3D noise reduction headset H8 report


For a music fancier, evaluating a consumer-grade low-end headset is not as easy as it looks, because you can't be as hard and demanding as the high-end HiFi headphones. In particular, as the protagonist of this article: Himalayan H8 3D noise reduction headphones (hereinafter referred to as H8) this is not the sound quality as the main selling point of the headset, in the evaluation process I always remind myself that this is only a 499 price of the public headphones , must be from its position, appearance, workmanship, selling points and other aspects to all-round evaluation of this product. This is a basic principle of my evaluation.

The Himalayan FM should be an APP that does not need to introduce too much. It is the leading audio sharing platform in China. For the author, almost every night in the company of the Himalayas FM went to sleep, so it is quite good for the Himalayas. After successfully establishing an audio sharing platform with a large number of users, the Himalayas has also actively launched relevant hardware products for different user groups, such as car listening, listening to books, children's stories, and so on. The H8 is the first attempt of the Himalayan earphone market. Let's take a look at this headset together.

Appearance and workmanship

The first impression of H8's packaging is "big", with the headphone logo and the name printed on the front, and the overall appearance is simple and beautiful.

There are some basic parameters on the back.

Open the box is a white hard paper box, the front is simple ironing the Himalayan silver LOGO. Open it again to see the headphone body. The placement is quite unique, the headset in the middle of the headset is the headphone cable and the charging cable, under the headset is a storage bag.

The storage bag is made of flannel material and is large enough to be comfortable. It's normal to have a storage bag instead of a storage box at this price point. There is nothing to say.

There is a three-button remote control and microphone on the headphone cable, which can control the music playback, pause, up and down music, and volume level, but it is only slightly rough to feel workmanship.

Let's take a look at the headphone body. The H8 has two colors, black and silver. I received black. The metal luster back shell is very beautiful, with a white Himalayan LOGO in the middle of the back shell, and a distinctive pickup port for the noise reduction headphones at the top. The overall design is simple and elegant.

However, the overall design, especially the shape of the head-to-head connection makes people feel familiar. In fact, it is easy for a headphone enthusiast to discover that this is a reference to the family design of international brand B&O in recent years.

B&O H6↓

B&O H8↓

Of course, individuals think that as long as they are not plagiarism, it is acceptable to draw on existing mature designs. The overall design of the H8 was successful, giving people a good impression at a glance.

Below the headphone body, we can see that the H8 uses a unilateral headphone cable design. The bottom of the left ear is the headphone jack, while the bottom of the left ear is the charging port (common MICRO USB jack for common Android phones) and the indicator light. It is a noise reduction switch.

Earphone ports are also designed with sound pickup ports.

Wear feelings, the headset cover is a leather design, thanks to the thick sponge inside the headset cover, the first feeling is still very comfortable, but the summer wear will be a bit hot and stuffy.

The head beam is adjusted to a large extent and can be worn by different people.

However, due to the use of metallic materials in the headphones, noise reduction components and batteries are built in, it is relatively heavy and may be a little tired for a long time. The following is a live-action wear effect.

Noise reduction

For H8, the official expression is "H8 is actually a 3D noise reduction headset: It returns to the essence of sound and music, accurately resolves every sound. The use of patented 'Acoustic Image FieldTM' technology for the holographic restoration of sound, manufacturing The irreplaceable 'immersion', in conjunction with patented space denoising techniques, actively eliminates environmental noise and reduces the impact of 'craniofacial effects'. Let you know: The sound is not only of high and low size, but also has a short-range delay; not only can it be ' Listening to 'can be felt.'

It can be seen that the biggest selling point of H8 can be said to be two points, one is 3D sound effects, and the other is active noise reduction. First of all, let's take a look at H8's active noise reduction.

Headphone products generally use two methods to shield the ambient noise, one is passive noise reduction, common closed ear or headphones are closed ears to achieve the effect of passive noise reduction, and active noise reduction is generated by the noise reduction system A reversed sound wave equal to the outside noise will neutralize the noise to achieve a noise reduction effect. It can be said to be one of the "black technologies" in the headphone products. The most famous and recognized noise reduction effect is BOSE's active noise canceling headphones.

I am familiar with and familiar with active noise canceling headphones. I have used BOSE QC25, Huawei AM180, Harman Karton SOHO IINC, and other active noise canceling headphones at different price points. Their noise reduction capabilities are very obvious, and some are more general. . Therefore, at the time of application, I was very curious about how the H8's noise reduction capability was.

Despite the price, I didn't report too high expectations on the noise reduction performance of the H8, but I was disappointed with the ability to reduce noise even after using it. Without playing the music and turning on the noise reduction switch, the noise reduction effect of standing on the noisy street BOSE QC25 is very obvious, obviously feeling "the whole world is quiet", and the noise is very small to be heard; and the H8 guide The noise reduction effectiveness of Huawei AM180 is not as good as that of QC25 (although the price of a certain Po is much lower), but it is also very obvious. It is only in a quiet place that noise reduction noise (current sound) is relatively large. The H8's active noise reduction effect, I stood in the street to open and close the noise reduction switch repeatedly compared several times, but unfortunately the difference is hardly heard. The only effect seems to be that after the noise reduction switch is turned on, the sound quality is improved, the low-frequency turbidity situation is improved, and the overall transparency is much better. It seems that the tuner is downgraded based on the noise reduction.

3D sound effects

For 3D sound effects, "simplely, through audio signal processing technology, the speakers are distributed according to space, so that the sound source is reconstructed at any position in the 3D space to realize the reproduction of the sound source position. Thus, 3D audio can be eliminated. It is further limited to a two-channel single-layer stereo sound field, providing a better sense of three-dimensionality and space.” The Himalayan FM is currently pushing 3D audio books and 3D music on content, so it is only natural that homeopathic hardware products will be introduced. Things have gone.

From my personal point of view, the most important criteria for evaluating a headset are nothing but "resolve," "sound field," "knot," "dynamic," "timbre," and so on. Good headphones must have their own outstanding characteristics, and at the same time in these areas are not bad. The 3D audio mobile phone should be the first to focus on the sound field first, the sound field must be larger than the general headset, and the second is the knot image. You must be able to clearly distinguish the positions of different sounds so as to achieve the so-called "3D sound effect."

Has H8 reached this standard? I am afraid it is also doubtful. First of all, in terms of sound field, there is no doubt that it is actually larger than the average in-ear headphones, but in headsets, it does not belong to the top position. Do not say K702, compared to the Lumson L85 in my hands can only say half a catty. The biggest problem with the H8 is that it uses the tuning method of most of the introductory consumer-grade headsets. The frequency of the low-frequency operation plays a second time, which causes the overall sense of hearing to be boring and opaque. The transparency and image quality are not good and cannot be clearly distinguished. The exact location of different sounds. So, isn't it simply to expand the sound field, and then increase the low frequency to create a "prestigious" atmosphere that is 3D sound? Maybe the manufacturer still has something worth deepening in the concept.

Sound quality

A headset is ultimately used to listen, then we come together to see how the H8 sound performance. First of all, because H8 is not hard to drive, I mainly use mobile phones, laptops and portable players (Hifiman Supermini) to test. At the same time, as mentioned before, the sound quality of the H8 is improved after the noise reduction switch is turned on. Therefore, the sound quality evaluation is performed by default when the noise reduction switch is turned on. In the end, in general, the dynamic headphones need a “blink” headset, so I used several songs that highlighted a certain frequency repeatedly for tens of hours.

In fact, in the previous section, I mentioned that the H8 uses most of the entry-level consumer-grade headphones, or the tuning method of the trend of audio and video headphones, because the human ear is relatively sensitive to low frequencies, so one-sided to strengthen the low-frequency volume to please entry-level user. However, although the H8 sense of low frequency is large, but the submarine is not enough, the whole low frequency is a big and scattered feeling. And the rumbling low frequencies still submerged the performance of the midrange vocals, high frequency extension is not enough, the overall trend is a partial under the disk. Listening stuff is not transparent, transparency and knots are not good, to resolve the normal level of headphones belonging to this grade, but fortunately the larger sound field, plus a large amount of low frequency to create a good atmosphere, listen to some 3D Audio files, or simply direct European and American pop rock songs can still be eared.

to sum up

How to make differentiated products is always the common pursuit of manufacturers. In the relative Red Sea market of headset products, as a newcomer to how to make their products quickly accepted by consumers, they must have selling points and have their own differences. Therefore, the unique selling point of the “3D noise reduction” proposed by the Himalayan H8 is very worthy of recognition. We can also see that many consumers are just coming from this selling point. However, with the selling point, how to put this selling point into practice has become its own characteristics, which is also a key point. In the actual use of the process, the author regrets that the H8 as a selling point of the "noise reduction" and "3D" effect are not outstanding, and as the basic elements of the headset sound quality is actually very unfavorable.

Of course, as the first product launched by the Himalaya FM in the headphone market, the H8 still has a lot of places to be recognized, such as excellent workmanship, exquisite packaging, and marketing promotion in place. He hopes that the Himalayas will continue to build on this foundation and use its wide audience and accurate promotion to launch more robust headphones products. I believe it will be successful and it will be recognized and loved by consumers.

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