New Year's New Toy: ZEROTECH Zero-Dollar DOBBY Pocket Drone

Before I bought this guy, I was an out-and-out party. When I was on WeChat's friends, the film was like this:

Last year I went to Maldives and weighed for a long time. I didn't bring my Elf 3, which also became the biggest regret of my trip...

A handful of bird's-eye view photos were taken on the water with a mobile phone.

So I decided to get a laptop, just like my Panasonic GM1s is a Sony A7's standby machine, when traveling or other places with high portability requirements, which is why I did not choose to turn to choose DOBBY reasons , because the Imperial is still more than DOBBY, and zero can fly on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, indicating that the stability is still guaranteed ... Well ... I will tell you the real reason is that I think Imperial too expensive it ... In fact, And because Liu Yan is also using dobby

I bought a double electric shield kit. This kit is more practical. The two batteries are relatively compromised. When flying indoors, the paddle can protect the aircraft and provide some protection for the personal safety around us.

[Spring Festival Evening] ZEROTECH Zero Intelligent DOBBY with Pocket Drone Intelligent HD Portable 2599 yuan Lynx Select Direct Link

The purchase process is not shown. There are not many bright spots in the box. The front view of the two ends counts as if the real machine is seen across the package.

The back of the package of the deity and accessories has relatively intuitive parameter descriptions.

Open box like a mobile phone packaging, iPhone4 both look and feel.

Um, where is the data line? Oh, it's in my stomach...

The folding mechanism of this cargo is really... Simple... With several protrusions on the shaft and several recesses on the fuselage, the angle of the arm is fixed... The durability is yet to be verified.

After the arm was deployed, it was like this, accustomed to the exterior appearance of Djijiang, this cargo looked really like a teaser.

The paddle is simpler and more effective than Dajiang's. It is completely snap-fit ​​and requires no tools. It is fast and stable.

If you install a paddle, you will become like this, as if you look better than if you did not install it.

Look carefully at the paddle and use A and B to distinguish between forward rotation and reverse rotation. There is a corresponding letter on the arm. If you change the paddle, you can't make mistakes.

The manual and warranty card are also very similar to the mobile phone's storage method. The operation instructions are very simple. For the Dajiang hands that have been flying for more than two years, it is not too difficult to get started quickly. It is only necessary to pay special attention to the instructions. The definition of the head, APP there are specific options are divided into viewfinder mode and self-timer mode, the default is the self-timer mode, I did not notice this problem the first time, because used to the camera front of the DJI In the self-timer mode, when the camera is facing backwards, the result of the first flight is to hit the wall, and the grass is directly dropped from the second floor height. It is okay to take the risk, only to waste one paddle and leave a little scratch on the fuselage. The overall structure is still relatively strong.

When the battery is charging, it needs a charger connection to support 9V fast charging, and it can actually reach half an hour in practical use, although it can fly less than 10 minutes each time...

There is no pressure to use mobile power to charge, even if it is a time to take a walk, it will not increase too much burden.

What is worthy of a special Tucao is this phone camera with no anti-shake at all... Don't mention electronic anti-shake, is to increase the alias of ISO... When can I use the anti-shake mechanism of Samsung S7? There is no pan-tilt, no matter what, the angle adjustment of this cargo is completely dependent on the hand...

The camera has only three adjustable angles, or a fixed gear, with a tick mark. Sorry, do not provide...

There will be a beginner's guide to using the app for the first time.

The operation interface of the drone is almost the same. The first plane is still on the hand, so the left side is the take-off button, and the second one becomes the landing button during the flight.

The indoor flight test was initiated in this way. After familiarity, the palms were taken off and landed without a pear. The throttle operation was only reduced to about 70 centimeters from the ground. It wouldn't be lowered again unless you clicked on the landing. Otherwise, it hovered. After the battery is low, the blue light on the camera will flash red.

Just take a few shots, as the process of the project record is fully enough... Hey, expose the profession.

The name of the super selfie stick is not white... Hey, it exposes the new car again.

When Nishimura had dinner, he took two shots. One was the bad weather, the haze was big, and the other was that the wifi link couldn't fly too far. Compared with Dajiang’s film, the gap was too big. The parameters were that the flight height was 50 meters. Can reach, the horizontal distance is difficult to 100 meters, wifi dropped after several attempts, the aircraft will quickly return to the take-off point after losing the link, so after the success of GPS positioning to take off is a good habit, but also need to pay attention to the aircraft and mobile phones Between wifi is connected, if the plane in the wifi complex area after the plane dropped the signal automatically connected to the other wifi will be very troublesome, do not ask why I would know ...

Trying to use the night shooter can actually use it. Of course, the waste film is also quite numerous. In short, it is still the sentence: Light is possible.

Because of the previous scrapping of a paddle and the huge sound of the original paddle, a new set of muted paddles was set at the Tmall flagship store. The comparison shows that the mute paddle is more rounded than the original paddle, and the width of the paddle has increased. The sound is indeed at least a third smaller, and it seems that the stability and mobility seem to be improved. Only because the blades are widened, the silent paddle after folding will protrude a little bit more than the original paddle, but I don’t think it’s portable. What impact it will have is already small enough. It is recommended that you force all your friends to change.

You may see that there is no sensational impression on the size of the compulsion, and it is said that there is no harm without comparison. Together with the current hot emperor, the intuitive experience is indeed more portable. It is not yet a remote control, a charger, and a backup. The body of the battery, if you already have an elf on your hand, there is not much needed to change it. It's better to add a small machine like me.

At leisure, drinking coffee in the sun with no pressure, and iPhoneSE put together, almost the same profile, the name of the pocket drone is not indecipherable, and you can see the silence of the propeller protruding part of the fuselage.

Fly on the fly, the new-changing silent paddle is really good, and the neighbors will only find me playing drones when they take off and land.

Finally, use a set of photos to illustrate the difference in viewing angles between the two angles of the camera. Well, you did not guess wrong. This was taken with two batteries flying twice.

Advantages: 1. Small and portable; 2. Mobile phone control does not require a remote control; 3. Indoor optical current positioning stability is also OK, ultrasonic height sensing is very accurate, select the palm landing will automatically recognize the position and height of the palm, and then accurately landing; 4 Charging time is fast and charging adaptability is good.

Disadvantages: 1. Outdoor stability is normal, there will be a lot of drift when the local steering, during the flight of the fuselage's roll and tilt will intuitively feel in the image transmission, when the wind is also very obvious to see To shake; 2. No anti-shake camera, the angle adjustment to manual; 3. Battery capacity is low, and the battery comes with LED display battery is very rogue, full power 4 lights, fly to the remaining 40% can still light 3 lights, Less than 10% of power is actually still on 2 lights...

Conclusion: Considering the price factor, DOBBY is worth buying as a laptop. Although the shooting effect is general, it is still quite good as a ready-to-carry machine. Many times when the Elves are ready to take off, DOBBY has already flown. Returning in a circle, there is no elves that are so easily watched, and the control of the goods has gone beyond the scope of the general toy, good concealment, good entertainment, simply speaking, it is better than it is a good volume, Right when it's a super selfie stick.

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