Xiamen Xinda plans to increase 700 million yuan to invest in LED and RFID projects

On September 12, Xiamen Xinda (000701), which only suspended trading for 3 days, threw a fixed plan. It plans to issue no more than 80 million shares in a non-public offering. The reserve price is 9.72 yuan/share, and no more than 700 million yuan will be raised to invest in Anxi. LED package new project, Xiamen LED application product expansion project, RFID product design and production line expansion project.

The company's indirect controlling shareholder, Guomao Holdings, will subscribe for not less than 30% of the shares in cash. Among the three fundraising projects, the total investment of Anxi LED packaging new projects is 432 million yuan, and it is planned to invest 389 million yuan. The project will build 6 new production lines, build LED packaging workshops, R&D test centers and storage centers. The construction period will be 24 months. The estimated annual average profit after reaching the production is 44.601 million yuan. Xiamen LED application product expansion project is planned to invest 149 million yuan. The project will use existing plants, R&D centers and storage centers to be renovated and renovated. Four LED lighting production lines will be built. The construction period is 24 months. The average profit is 264.791 million yuan.

The reporter noted that this is not the first time Xiamen Xinda invested in the LED industry. At the end of October last year, Xiamen Xinda had just invested in the construction of LED packaging and application products in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and signed an investment cooperation agreement with the Anxi County Government of Fujian Province. The total investment amount of the project is about 500 million yuan. The Anxi County Government has given the company three projects of science and technology subsidies totaling 60 million yuan, and provides tax incentives, research and development incentives and other support measures. In less than a year, the company once again invested hundreds of millions of yuan in the Anxi County LED project. I wonder if the Anxi County government will still "support".

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