Crystal Light-Electricity Closes Inside: Does the mainland subsidize to abandon Taiwan?

Huang Chongren, who had made hundreds of thousands of small shareholders unsuccessful, went down to a photovoltaic power plant. This time, what happened to him was the investment in the epitaxial grid of the company, which was invested in 2007. It was closed in August this year, resulting in nearly 200 employees losing their jobs. The official statement of going out of business is financial difficulties, but the company is rumored that Huang Chongren has taken a look at the mainland government subsidies and abandoned the Taiwan market.

Located in the northernmost part of Nanke, in the Tanmei typhoon belt, after the invasion of the super heavy rain, the crystal light from the outside, peeping from the outside, I saw a few lights in the hall, the rest of the floor is black, completely different A factory that is operating. When the guards saw the visitors, they immediately indicated that they were not allowed to enter the factory unless they had been notified by internal personnel.

Founded in 2007, the company has a paid-up capital of NT$1.55 billion. It is a very small LED die factory in China, but it has a very famous gold master, which is the controversial force in recent years. Crystal founder Huang Chongren.

Huang Chongren served as chairman of Jingfa until January and February, and was replaced by Zhang Yizhong. Zhang Yizhong is a director of the company's Shiren Investment. Powerchip is holding a 14% stake in Jingfa through Shiren, the highest ratio, and Powerchip holds 0.53%.

Since the second half of this year, Jingfa has been the second LED industry in the domestic LED industry. The first one is the Qi Li Optoelectronics, which has been raging. As for only one-fifth of Jingli’s crystal hair, there has not been any dispute so far. According to the engineer, the company said that it will be handled according to the Law of Labor. It is not until mid-September that the results are known.

觊觎 mainland subsidies to abandon Taiwan

At present, more than 100 employees have stopped working, leaving only the people, finances and several supervisors, including the engineer who did not want to be named. He told this reporter that in fact, Jingfa and Kellett were simultaneously sending out news, that is, August 12.

On the same day, the company convened all the staff. Zhang Yizhong, who only appeared once or twice a week in the company, personally told the employees that the company had financial difficulties. The brief explanation will be completed in 30 minutes, and the employee will be removed immediately the next day.

Whether the reason for going out of business is really as financial difficulties as Zhang Yizhong said, there are many opinions within the company. According to Li Jing’s first-half financial report, Jingfa’s loss was about 300 million yuan, which is nothing compared to Li Jing’s pre-debt liabilities of more than 70 billion yuan.

Therefore, the industry believes that Powerchip has no longer wanted to invest in Taiwan's LEDs, turning its main target to mainland China. In recent years, in order to support the local green energy industry, the mainland government has provided large-scale subsidies, such as the MOCVD (Organic Metal Chemical Vapor Deposition) machine, the basic equipment for the epitaxial process, which costs at least NT$100 million, and the Chinese government subsidizes 50% each.

The head of a medium-sized epitaxial plant in China said: No matter whether the machine is actually put into production, it is good to get the money. Take Sanan Optoelectronics, the largest epitaxial plant in the mainland, as an example. In the past three years, it has received a subsidy of 3 billion yuan from the Chinese government. It has purchased nearly 150 MOCVDs. The capacity utilization rate has not reached 100%, but the expansion has continued.

Uncontrolled expansion, resulting in overcapacity, the director revealed that the price of Epimorph has fallen by 50% since last year. In addition, mainland manufacturers often kill the price and kill the red eye. When the quote is screamed out, it is a 30% discount. How do you play?

The mainland government subsidized the drug, and the manufacturers cut the price competition, so that the Taiwan factory could not survive. The savvy Huang Chongren believes that the pros and cons have already been analyzed. In the past 10 years, he set up an epitaxial plant Jingwang in the Xuzhou Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu.

High-paying employees rushed to the other side

According to Jingwang’s public information on the mainland recruitment website, the company’s total investment is $99.9 million, and the funds already in place are $33.3 million. The plant was completed in the first two or two years and entered the equipment test in June. At the beginning of the first two years, it was also the time when Huang Chongren removed the position of chairman of Jingfa.

More coincidentally, due to the sluggish overall LED industry last year, Jing issued two to three months of unpaid leave. According to the engineer, at this time, Jingwang unexpectedly offered at least double the salary. .

The vacancies left by the high salary were taken from other domestic peers, and a group of middle-level supervisors were airborne. To this end, the indignant engineers said that they have no ability, no strength, and let the weak hair of the crystals go downhill more quickly.

The engineer said that in the early days of the establishment of Jingfa, a group of people were dug from the joints that were later incorporated into Jingdian. With our technology in place, the production capacity was soon opened. However, Jingfa did not follow the trend and continued to invest in research and development, which made the technology more and more backward. In addition to blaming the major shareholder Li Jing, he did not seriously manage it. He also reluctantly sighed and said that, in fact, Jingfa has come to this day, we Skills are not as good as people.

In response to rumors, Power Crystal spokesman Tan Zhongmin said that there is absolutely no intention to abandon Taiwan, mainly because the company has limited resources. In the Taiwan market, it decided to focus on the semiconductor industry.

The employees who had embraced their dreams, like the engineer who had subscribed for more than 100 Jingfa stocks, seemed to have lost their money. As for the work, I am afraid I can only ask for more happiness!

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