U.S. research "imitation ant" robotics or improve traffic

Ant colony activity is always orderly, and it is possible to use the shortest path to carry food. US researchers have recently issued a micro- robot that mimics the activity of ants, a technology that could be used to improve traffic conditions in the future.

Ants can distinguish directions based on information such as pheromones left by their peers. The robots invented by New Jersey Institute of Technology researchers can follow the light trails left by "companions." It has only one cube of sugar, and the "head" is equipped with two light sensors that simulate the antennae of the ants. A single robot "just snarls", but as a group, they can "collaborate" like ants.

In the labyrinth test, the researchers placed multiple "ant-ant" robots in the maze, allowing them to establish a path from the start to the end in the mesh channel. The results show that in most cases they are able to choose the shortest path through the maze, close to the tamping ant activity, depending on how many spots left by the "companion".

Simon Garnier, a biologist at New Jersey Institute of Technology, believes that the technology can be applied to help people improve traffic conditions. The research results were published in the latest issue of the Journal of Scientific Public Library Computational Biology.

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