The first domestic chip design institute was established

The first domestic chip design institute was established The chip is vividly compared to the country's "industrial food", is the core of the information industry, and is the "heart" of all machine equipment. However, it is embarrassing that 90% of chips used in China, especially high-performance and reliable chips, rely heavily on imports. The Insignia Institute of Chip Design, established at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, is expected to solve the problem of China's chip self-design.

Insignia Chip Design Academy is the first educational institution in the country to provide chip design professional training. The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, has partnered with Europe's leading chip design company, Sondrel, as well as global electronic automation leader and electronic design software giant Mentor Graphics to jointly develop international high-end chip designs with solid theoretical foundation and practical hands-on capabilities. engineer.

The admitted students will receive three months of intensive training at the college. They will enjoy over 10 million US dollars of EDA software, learning materials, and technical support provided by Mentor International in the state-of-the-art electronic design and new technology laboratory. They will thoroughly understand the most advanced designs. Methods: Proficient in the most advanced electronic automation technologies, design processes, and operation methods such as RTL design, IP integration process, DFT, and PD.

Students who have received intensive training will not only be able to obtain the corresponding qualification certificate, but also be able to get the recognition of the relevant master's and doctoral programs in UK universities, as well as the divisions of Infineon chip design companies worldwide that have a global partnership. With a paid internship of 3 to 6 months, outstanding students will be recommended to Bosch Bosch, the world's leading technology and service provider, Cisco Cisco, the world's leading Internet solution provider, and Intel Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. jobs.

According to the calculation of the International Monetary Fund, the output value of a chip of 1 yuan can drive the related electronic information industry's output value of 10 yuan and bring a GDP of 100 yuan. In 2013, the total revenue of the global semiconductor market is expected to be 311 billion U.S. dollars. As a highly intelligent industry, chip design relies more on talent than on other industries. Chip design engineers are scarce resources in this era and are recognized as high-income classes in the world. In Europe, the average annual salary of chip design engineers is between 5 and 80,000 pounds. At present, China’s higher education cannot provide the professionals needed by the industry.

The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China School of Chip Design combines the high-quality educational resources of the two universities with the international corporate resources of the integrated circuit industry. It provides the most professional training for students who are interested in becoming chip design engineers to make up for the gap in professional training in this field. Talents and technology will promote the development of the IC industry in Ningbo.

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