"LED Lighting Channel" 2013, the sixth issue editor's message: Only fast?

[Source: LED Engineering's "LED lighting channel" 2013 No. 6 (total of 42) EDITORIAL] in various parts of government planning in the hottest LED industry has been living in the thick of political overtones. Recently, there have been more than two years of expiration of the Shenzhen LED industry development plan (2009-2015) "shots" attracted a lot of onlookers, multiple interpretations.

There are many reasons for this, but the excessively fast market pace and overheated investment sentiment directly bypassed the “excessive” administrative intervention, which is estimated to be one of the main reasons.

LEDs do change too fast, and all kinds of enterprises and businesses that are “jointed” in the industry chain have a feeling of being led by their noses. It doesn't have to be said that the middle and upper reaches have never been able to consciously dominate from investing in factories, to talent pools, to production management, to the lack of capacity due to demand blowouts this year. Of course, the use of this LED new light source card in the hands to obtain local government subsidies.

Downstream applications are even more real. "When the transition road comes, how to soften the board's reluctance to adapt to the traditional lighting mentality and adapt it to the fast-paced changes of LED is a big problem for us." The traditional lighting company's marketing professional managers are difficult to unify.

A company that has been operating commercial lighting for more than two decades has recently developed a series of “quick strategies”. Including shortening the cycle of new products from research and development to mass production, establishing a strategic development center for industrial chain integration, and sorting out the existing distribution resources to rapidly spread the distribution channels of light sources.

Just after the first quarter, a variety of changes have started simultaneously, and careful consideration is caused by a drastic change in channel demand.

The nature that bears the brunt of it is the price that can best hurt the nerves of all parties. "After the Lunar calendar, some conventional products such as bulbs, T8, etc., even large factories, have been reducing prices by 30%-40%. So don't say replenishment, even if it is the first purchase, we dare not follow the manufacturer's requirements. Foot stock." Not only the provincial logistics dealers, but also the direct dealers in the city.

In response to the fear of the "library" color change of the merchants, many LED companies are responsive. They build their own warehouse logistics in the vicinity of the provincial capital lighting market, and put the inventory pressure on their shoulders, just like the tightening in the price of gold. Like the "Chinese aunt" on the "mountainside", the weight is moving forward.

What if companies are not willing to build their own warehouses? It's ok. On average, it is possible to receive the distribution channels of “harassment” of three manufacturers' salesmen every day, which is obviously oversupply, and the status of grandson and grandson is clear. Large-scale project users temporarily press the table, the traditional circulation-type distribution of large households generally first won a few big brands, accounting for a pit, but the real volume of the warehouse is still a cheap assembly of no name.

When Gaogong had a good product touring the Wuhan site, a dealer directly said in front of everyone that the best sales are now 3 watts and three blocks of bulbs. Even if he has no shortage of LED branded products, he even knows that this is a "junk" that he can't look down on.

Whether it is self-proclaimed stocks, manufacturers of money-selling goods, or businesses that are profit-seeking and overdraft, they are self-aware, everything is to quickly seize channel resources, and products penetrate terminals.

Things that become too fast are always filled with enough "uncertain" and "opaque" elements. The distribution channels that often say "unwilling" to the manufacturing side also expose the lack of "safety" of the current LED.

The “Chinese aunt” in the LED field does not only refer to the “voluntary” quilt LED enterprise. As long as the industry is still in this quality and brand transition period, everyone in the manufacturing and sales position may be “Chinese aunt”.

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