This time, the quadcopter got a lot of cool positioning technology and algorithms

From April onwards, eight aircrafts began their parasol performance at the Cirque du Soleil. The eight quadcopters have completed the first hundred performances in front of audiences throughout the theatre and no accidents occurred. In view of the recent frequent occurrence of UAV security incidents, one cannot help but ask: How did they do this?

The four-axis aircraft used in the Paramour performance was designed and built by Verity Studios in Zurich. Later, the laboratory collaborated with the Cirque du Soleil to turn them into flying shades. Some people may find that they are very similar to the aircraft in the two-day short film "Interaction between Man and Quadcopter" in that laboratory environment. The distinction between Paramour quadcopters and other aircraft, as well as their ability to ensure that everything went well in the show, is a brand new positioning technology and failure-safety algorithm that enables the quadcopter to be safe in the performance and sitting in the 2000 In a theater with many people and without a protection network, it is performed eight times a week.

Verity Studio members are no strangers to the flight of the quadcopter. Raffaello D'Andrea, the founder of the laboratory, is a professor of research control systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Verity Studio has sprouted and grown from here. In a laboratory called Flying Machine Arena, he spent 10 years developing an automatic vehicle that can use a high-precision power system to control the car. In 2009, the first drones that were jointly developed by Professor Andrea's former doctoral student Federico Augugliaro and Angela Schoellig performed. In 2011, the team's Flight Assembled Architecture was first performed in public. It was the first multi-axis quadcopter in the world to perform in front of the public. In short, currently in Zurich's laboratory, there have been more than two hundred phenomenon-level research results show, including the 2012 Google IO show.

During this period, the team extensively used power capture technology, but when this positioning technology came out of the lab, it began to show insufficient stamina. The most fundamental reason is that the power capture system relies on the central structure, so the demand is pushed to a computer. If anything goes wrong with this computer's hardware or software, everything will run out of control.

However, in a research environment such as the Flying Machine Arena, an accidental mistake may trigger subsequent problems, which is unforgivable for many commercial and industrial applications. Setting a higher standard of safety in live broadcasts is because any danger will be magnified when the performance site is close to the crowd. In addition to safety hazards, personal injury accidents will ignite public anger, affect brand image, and even cause legal disputes. However, near-audience performance based on power capture has actually been put on the spot, such as the recent US Got Talent show.

In the UK Got Talent show there is an alternative vision-based system in which the quadcopter can use a portable camera to acquire data and self-position. In both cases, once a certain density is reached, the number of quadcopters is determined by the prisoners' front. In addition, each system compromises external lighting environments such as stage lighting and spotlights; they even compromise on live audiences such as laser pointers and camera flashes. Once, unrecognized technical reasons caused the British Got Talent show to record ahead of the semi-finals that should have been broadcast live.

To solve these problems, Verity Studios is no longer focused on visual positioning, but has developed a new system designed specifically for industrial applications that meets all stringent safety standards. As Raffaello D' Andrea said in a recent TED talk, the latest radio frequency proprietary positioning systems and aircraft are redundant and fail-safe algorithms can stand the test of any failure.

Another key factor in the success of the security system is its relevance in theater environments. Any theater environment must operate under the ecological environment of the stage automation under the guidance of industrial standards.

This technical achievement for creating a safe and solid system for the operation of the flying machine has its rich artistic expression. The creative employees of Cirque du Soleil saw their infinite possibilities of fighting alongside Verity Studios - setting their milestones on Broadway. As Jean-Clauois Bouchard, chief creative officer of the Cirque du Soleil, said: "There is no doubt that the aircraft is an important part of Paramour's performance."

Currently, Cirque du Soleil and Vertiy Studios are jointly exploring the possibility of using the aircraft in other art shows and performances.

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