Health starts from clean, Kovos X0202 SMART hands-on experience

| Danger of dust |

I believe many people are faced with such a problem, the home is gray, go out is haze. Our lungs became the best air purifier. Dust will fly with the air and spread diseases. This is the most deadly! Especially in a relatively closed home environment, even if the dust does not carry bacteria, inhaling excessive dust can have a serious impact on the body. At the same time, TVs, computer hosts, and mobile phones in the home, if they are occupied by dust for a long time, can damage the circuit, affect the quality, and affect the service life. We may not be able to change the harsh outdoor weather, but we can definitely change the living environment in our home. Of course, we must begin with cleanliness. Today, the author will take you to know a small hand-held vacuum cleaner from Coworth, X0202 SMART with everyone. Open a clean new life!

|Product appearance |

This Cobos handheld vacuum cleaner has a very cute appearance, small body, even a girl can easily handle with one hand. The silver-white styling and the furniture of the room are very versatile!

The X0202 SMART used the more popular symmetry design, with a large exhaust outlet on each side of the tail. Double-row wind can effectively ensure large suction, resulting in better adsorption of dust

The vacuum cleaner's switch is located on the top of the machine, on the front side of the hand-held part. The design is very ergonomic. In the process of use, the control is very convenient. At the same time, we can also see that the handle of the X0202 SMART is very long, even if you are a long one. Hand Ouba can also be easily controlled!

The dust suction port is located at the bottom of the machine, like a wide open mouth. A look is an excellent guy! Looking at it from another angle, it's not like a plane that just landed. The appearance is beautiful!

Take a look at the accessories. The X0202 SMART is equipped with two suction heads. When the dust is sucked, it can be sucked while cleaning. The effect is better. The big one is a furniture brush. It can be used to clean furniture such as beds and sofas. The small one is a flat suction nozzle. It can be used to absorb dust from corners or crevices. It is very convenient!

The installation of the two brush heads is also very convenient, and the " big mouth " at the bottom of the front can be inserted. (How strange is this sentence?)

The X0202 SMART is also equipped with a flexible hose, which can effectively extend the adsorption distance. The flexibility of the tube is very good. It can bypass many obstacles and enter into some complicated areas to work. At the same time, the two mentioned tips can also be used. The tube is well-integrated.

|Usage experience|

Before using it officially, let's look at the parameters of this product

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated input power: 400W

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Noise: ≤74dB(A)

Maximum vacuum: ≥10Kpa

From the point of view of parameters, the X0202 SMART has a rated input power of 400W, which is very large for a handheld device. The advantage of high power is naturally a more powerful adsorption capability. The disadvantage is certainly more power! In terms of noise, no more than 74dB is completely acceptable and is also in line with national standards. How much of a specific sound here I give you a reference, open the home hair dryer is almost the same. Here's just a look at the specific use of the scene.

The bed surface, as well as the accumulation of dust on the bedside, can be directly adsorbed using a furniture brush.

With the soft hair on the front part of the brush head, you can sweep while sucking, even if you have a wrinkled bed, you can take care of it very clean!

The cleaning of the sofa also uses the furniture brush.

Home decoration painting clean.

You can also clean up the plush toys. By the way, you can comb the hair with a razor. ^_^

For some relatively small spaces we can choose to replace the flat suction nozzle, such as the gap of the air conditioning outlet.

There is dust in the door.

Home electronics.

With the use of hoses can enter more complex environment for dust absorption. For example, behind the TV.

There are places we can't reach.

|Product Testing|

In order to better show everyone the X0202 SMART's powerful dust absorption capability, I have done two dust adsorption tests here. The first is the computer case. The friends who have cleared the ash should know how dirty it is. Look at the author's chassis. Clean up mainly on the dust and dust on the bottom of the power supply, not only at the picture circle!

Finally, look at the results of the cleanup: The flat nozzle is used to remove the power supply and the bottom edge. Outside the place where the suction nozzle can not reach, the surface is still very clean. Of course, you cannot expect to use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the computer. Gray treatment.

The following is the dust in the headphones gap, first look at the way before cleaning.

Basic clean after cleaning, the effect is great!

| Product Cleaning |

There is a button on the left side of this hand-held vacuum cleaner, and the front half can be removed with a single tap.

After removal, we can see that the inside of the precursor is completely covered by a very thick screen, and the rear body is a rotating motor.

When cleaning, we need to remove the filter of the precursor, wash it and dry it! Keep in mind that it must be dried. If there is moisture, it may be sucked into the motor to damage the machine!

| Product Summary |

Although it is a hand-held suction device, its adsorption capacity is still very strong. It is sufficient to deal with dust on furniture or appliances. The only thing that makes people feel inconvenient is the wired design. Many of the places you have to clean have no outlets, and you must take a patch panel to run around. If you can make a rechargeable power supply design, it will be even more perfect! Anyway, this little thing can definitely make your home look a little more, with less dust and more health, and pay for your body, at least I'm willing!

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