Passing Huawei to learn OPPO and vivo will push the brand to attack the female market

In order to balance the proportion of male and female users of its products, Chuanhua will push the Nova sub-brand, the main line of offline / female market, but whether it is the light flagship on the IFA has not been confirmed.

In the past, we have reported that Huawei will launch a new sub-brand, but now it seems to have been confirmed to some extent. According to the information disclosed by industry analyst @潘九堂 on Weibo, after emulating the successful glory of Xiaomi, Huawei may learn OPPO and vivo and launch a new product line called “Nova”, which is mainly offline/female. The market, as for the spokesperson, is the popular actress Guan Xiaotong, but there is no exact statement on whether it will be released at the IFA exhibition.

Will push the new Nova brand

Previously, some netizens posted in the post that Huawei will launch a brand new sub-brand. The English name is said to be closer to Canon, but there is no exact statement on whether it is used by the “light flagship” at IFA. Now, industry analyst @潘九堂 said on Weibo that after emulating the successful glory of Xiaomi, Huawei may learn OPPO and vivo and launch a new product line called "Nova" (with P series/Mate). Department tied), the main line offline / female market, as for the spokesperson is the popular actress Guan Xiaotong.

As for the intention of Huawei to launch the sub-brand of the female market, @潘九堂 gave a set of data from GFK to explain, this is the proportion of Huawei male users is still growing, while the proportion of OPPO female users has dropped from 54%. 48%, compared to a more balanced one. Therefore, if Huawei "Nova" is ultimately true, then it should be to balance the proportion of male and female users of its products.

Huawei G9 Plus

Light flagship code Berlin

However, it is still unclear whether the so-called Huawei "Nova" sub-brand is used for the light flagship product launched at the IFA exhibition in September, but it is said that the shape of the aircraft is close to that of the Google Nexus 6P. At the same time, according to the news of the news on Weibo, the Huawei light flagship research and development code is "Berlin", the release location is also Berlin, so it should not be the CAZ-AL00 model that was previously certified by 3C, because Huawei new machine The model number will usually be an abbreviation for the development code.

Despite this, both the upcoming light flagship and the latest "Nova" brand seem to be locked in OPPO and vivo, which have been strong in the mid-end market in recent years. According to Huawei’s senior executive Yu Chengdong’s previous performance in the first half of 2016 in Huawei’s consumer business, Huawei will launch its efforts in the 2000 yuan file. At the German IFA show in September, there will be a “light flagship” product release. To make up for the shortage of this price product.

Huawei G9 Plus will be released soon

In addition, the next generation of Huawei G7 Plus, which is also used against the vivo X7 and OPPO R9, will soon be available to us. According to the official promotional poster, Huawei will launch the Huawei G9 Plus on August 18. However, the machine is actually the released Maiman 5 mobile version and China Unicom version, there is no change in the shape of the phone, but the back of the Macman's logo is removed, the overall shape can be seen as Huawei G7 Plus and Huawei Mate 8 a mixture of.

Huawei G9 Plus is also rumored to be equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p touch screen, with a storage combination of 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, supporting memory card expansion. It is possible to carry the Kirin 650 processor, pre-installed Android 6.0 system, and provides an 8 megapixel front lens and a 16 megapixel main camera. According to the user's announcement on the post, the Huawei G9 Plus is only available in black and silver versions. The price of the future mobile version and the Unicom public version are both 1999 yuan. As for the full Netcom version MLA-AL00 that has obtained the network access license. It is also the Kirin 650 processor, but the price may be slightly higher.

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