Ophone mobile phone features revealed

Ophone mobile phone features revealed

For the mobile phone, in addition to the basic function of calling, what else can it do?

The answer given by Ophone is full of infinite fantasy: it can be a TV set, you can easily watch the news of the Premier League, Serie A and even around the world anytime, anywhere; it can be a little secretary, send and receive emails, meeting reminders and even various businesses The information will make you at ease; it can also be a good housekeeper for you. Video calls, mobile malls, Fetion alerts, etc. will keep your family and friends close to you; it can also be your wallet, your key, yours Door card ...

Whatever you can think of, Ophone may be able to help you. Full of creativity, full of fantasy, full of mystery ... After playing Ophone, can you still give an accurate definition of the phone?


Move music HIGH

Fresh music, fresh sound. With Ophone, you do n’t have to worry about listening to the same song every time. Open the built-in music player of Ophone, you can choose from countless massive tracks.

There are not only new songs from major trend stars here, but also more "old songs" to give you more choices. What's more interesting is that the music player can also display lyrics while playing tracks. Learn while listening, go to HIGH songs with friends, you are definitely an absolute master!


Business people's "small cotton-padded jacket"

For business people, let Ophone be your intimate little secretary is suitable. Ophone's built-in 139 mobile phone mail, GPS navigation and powerful Google search and other functions will definitely help you to be faster.

Especially worth mentioning is the 139 mobile mailbox function. You can send and receive emails anytime, anywhere, and it also fully supports attachment viewing of documents in multiple formats such as WORD, Excel, PPT, and PDF. E-mail attachments of any format, in the car, in the wild, no matter where they are, your computer may taste cold.

In addition, Ophone also supports file compression, file decompression and other functions. Can help you better manage the various files on your phone, so that you can easily and strategically at any time.

Go online

WiFi gives you more reasons

WiFi wireless Internet access is the biggest attraction of Ophone mobile phones. Many Ophone phones such as Lenovo O1 and MOTO's MT710 have built-in WiFi or WAPI wireless Internet access. This alone can give you reason to pay enough attention to Ophone.

At Starbucks, at the airport or even in a park full of flowers, as long as there is a wireless network, you can easily access the Internet with Ophone, data search, music download and even share your photos with friends, your mood, etc., an Ophone Enough to let you walk in front of the trend.


The TV fits into a small pocket

Who says TV can only be watched in the living room? Mobile Ophone allows you to pack your TV into your pocket anytime, anywhere. Ophone's built-in CMMB function allows you to watch TV programs at any time. At the same time, this function not only supports full-screen playback, but also supports online program recording, video screenshots, etc., freeing a "smart TV".

Imagine a large 3.7-inch screen with a resolution of 854 * 480. What kind of comfortable feeling should I watch TV anytime, anywhere?

Sesame opens the door!

I remember when I was young, after reading the stories of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, we fell in love with this magical sentence: sesame opened the door!

When the words "open the door of sesame seeds" turn blue and then turn into a small circle in the blink of an eye, you will be more curious about its magic. On the screen of Ophone, this blue elf is a key. The moment you touch him with your finger, the door of Ophone will open for you. Walk in, music, games, mail, TV, etc. all kinds of fun, good-looking, easy to use. You have whatever you want, and you come whenever you want.

Sesame opens the door ... Touch this small blue circle to open the mysterious Ophone world!

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