ooVoo video and audio conferences add international phone calling capabilities in more countries

ooVoo video and audio conferences add international phone calling capabilities in more countries

New York, December 10, 2009 / PR Newswire Asia /-

Multi-point, cross-platform video and audio communication service provider ooVoo announced today that it will expand its computer-to-phone calling capabilities and products into another 12 countries. More country coverage, coupled with ooVoo's new business portfolio and its latest enhanced audio capabilities make it a more powerful product for businesses and consumers looking for low-cost video conferencing.

ooVoo's business is currently spread across North America, Europe, the Middle East and rapidly developing developing countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. ooVoo users can simply call their mobile phone or landline phone number to call others from their PC or Mac. Participants can answer the phone without a computer or webcam.

With ooVoo's pay-per-minute feature, users can obtain crystal-clear audio quality at a low price without signing a long-term contract or commitment. ooVoo's ever-increasing telephony capabilities and its superior high-quality six-party video conferencing will become a truly powerful alternative to the old-style teleconferencing media.

ooVoo COO Marty Walker said: "Video conferencing with the new feature of being able to make international calls at a lower cost per minute is a powerful combination. We are committed to continuing to enhance our phone products because we believe that As long as our users need it, they should be able to get the type of communication they want through the easy-to-use interface-phone, video call, text chat. "

ooVoo's pay-per-minute feature is available for purchase, and the face value increases in increments of $ 10 or $ 25.

Introduction to ooVoo

ooVoo is committed to providing high-quality online video chat and audio communication services, providing an important way for people to make calls and connect with each other on the Internet. Whether crossing the road or anywhere in the world, ooVoo's technology enables people to have face-to-face conversations and share emotions as if they were in the same room. Anyone with a computer, broadband connection, and webcam can use ooVoo's high-quality video and audio to make video calls and can talk with up to 6 friends, relatives, and colleagues at the same time. ooVoo provides high-resolution video, video conversation recording, telephone communication, desktop sharing, video information, instant message chat and file functions.

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