MIT develops new ways to improve LED luminous efficiency

It is reported that researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States can use a socket conversion device to enable LEDs to release more optical power than the power they consume, and the power conversion efficiency can reach more than 100%.

At present, one of the biggest obstacles in designing a bright and efficient LED lamp is to increase the output power of the LED lamp and cause its efficiency to drop. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explained that their research has greatly reduced the voltage applied. According to the calculation, when the voltage is reduced to half, the input power is reduced by 4 times, and the emitted optical power is consistent with the voltage, which is also half. In other words, the LED luminosity is increasing as the output power drops.

In the experiment, the researchers reduced the input power of the LED to only 30 picowatts, and measured the output to 69 picowatts, with an efficiency of up to 230%. The same physical machine is fabricated for any LED, and electrons and holes have a certain probability of generating photons under the applied voltage. Instead of trying to increase this probability, other researchers have used the small amount of residual heat generated by the vibrations of the atomic lattice in the device to generate more power. This process of utilizing residual heat luminescence allows the LED to cool slightly, operating like a thermoelectric cooler. Although cooling is not sufficient to provide a practical temperature at room temperature, it may be used to design a lamp that does not generate heat.

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