Chongqing Lujiang District LED Optoelectronic Industrial Park signed eight companies to settle in

In order to actively carry out investment activities in industry, tourism, urban construction, etc., and promote the establishment of intergovernmental relations between Chongqing and Qianjiang District, from March 25th to 28th, Wu Zhong, deputy secretary of the Qujiang District Party Committee and the head of the district, went to Guangdong to investigate and inspect. .

From March 25th to 26th, Wu Zhong and his entourage visited and visited the whole process of production, inspection and aging from the production of LED light-emitting diodes to the manufacture of large-screen LED displays and industrial chain supporting enterprises, and signed the Lanjiang·LED Optoelectronic Industrial Park. Entering the agreement. The “Qianjiang ‧LED Optoelectronic Industrial Park” project is planned to be settled by 8 companies, creating a complete industrial chain from the production of LED light-emitting diodes to the manufacture of LED large-screen displays.

According to reports, the industrial park will have LED, LED driver chips, LED energy-saving lamps, LED display applications, PCB printed circuit boards, hardware equipment, plastic parts production lines and other LED industry chain as the main production line. Wu Zhong and his party also negotiated with the China Resources New Energy Company and Shenzhen Rifa Electromechanical Co., Ltd. on the promotion of the Lijiang project. The bank had exchanges and discussions with the two companies and agreed on the next step.

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