Hong Qi in the United States accuses Japan of a variety of LED product patent infringement

When Yiguang and Nichia’s patent litigation battles were in full swing, Taiwan’s LED packaging factory Haratek Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Hongqi) and Nichia’s patent warfare reopened.

On November 5, 2013, Hong Qi filed a lawsuit against the Eastern District of Texas Tyler Division, accusing Nichia Corporation and its US subsidiary Nichia American Corpration (hereinafter referred to as Nichia) of various LEDs. Products, infringement of their patent rights. In addition to requiring the court to ban Japanese and Japanese infringements, Hong Qi also requested Japan to compensate for its losses.

Nichia actively launched a patent litigation warfare. It not only extended and expanded its patent scope by means of patent splitting, but also notified or accused the defendant's clients at the same time as the litigation, in an attempt to influence the defendant's ability to take orders, and the defendant. The customer's willingness to place an order. For example, in 2010, when Nichia sued Hongqi in the German district court in Dusseldorf, Germany, it also informed Hongqi's customers in an attempt to influence Hongqi's business. In the case of Germany, Nichia won the case in the first instance, and later Hong Qi appealed, and now enters the second instance procedure.

In this case, Hong Qi filed a lawsuit against Japan in the United States. The consideration should not be the market, but the patent attack and defense. For Hong Qi, the United States is not currently its main market (accounting for about 4% of its annual sales), and Asia is the focus (about 67% of its annual sales), even if Hong Qi wins this lawsuit, in the United States. The market share will not rise sharply. However, for Nichia, the United States is one of its main markets. If this lawsuit is defeated, the injury is relatively large. Therefore, Hong Qi’s purpose in the main battlefield in Japan is to increase the bargaining chips in litigation and defense.

This case is a total of three patents:

The first patent in this case is US Patent No. US6,008,529, and the patent name is "Laser Diode Package". It was issued on December 28, 1999 and is a patent developed by Jiahn-Chang Wu. The original patentee was Bily Wang. The products that Nichia is accused of infringing this patent have five items, such as NCSU034B.

The second patent in this case is US Patent No. US6,300,674, and the patent name is "Flat Package for Semiconductor Diodes". It was issued on October 9, 2001 and is a patent developed by Bily Wang. The original patentee is Hong Qi. Nichia is accused of infringing this patent with 23 models such as NSSM032.

The third patent in this case is US Patent No. US 6,841,934, and the patent name is "White Light Source from Light Emitting Diode", issued on January 11, 2005, by Bily Wang et al. The original patentee of the patent developed was Hong Qi. Nichia is accused of infringing this patent with 32 models such as NFSW157A.

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