With it, turning trash will become a pleasure

Tencent Digital (Mike) For environmental protection, the rational and efficient recycling of waste is an extremely important part. Although most people now have the awareness of waste separation and recycling, there seems to be a lack of ways and means of recycling.

Fortunately, the successful development of this intelligent waste bin called “QUBE” can not only effectively solve the problem of efficient garbage recycling, but also help users develop good habits for garbage sorting and recycling.

From the appearance point of view, this QUBE is not in touch with the trash can. Simple linear design, atmospheric LCD screen, reasonable internal planning and automatic opening and closing design seem to be more like mysterious high-tech products. Let's take a look at QUBE's internal design. Users can choose different types of hatchbacks/sedans according to their actual conditions. When you use it, you only need to put on a suitable size garbage bag.

The QUBE intelligent trash can has built-in sensor modules that can monitor the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the trash in real time, as well as the temperature in the barrel and the weight of the trash in the barrel. The user can view it through the matching App.

In other words, QUBE tells the user how much waste is generated from trash in the trash bin through extremely intuitive data. And more importantly, rankings are also placed on the rankings in the App.

In addition, QUBE will continue to motivate users to develop good habits for the correct classification of garbage through the built-in gamification system in the App, and help improve the skills of garbage classification.

In addition to making garbage collection more sensible, QUBE can also guarantee the cleanliness of the trash can, allowing the family to bid farewell to the previous greasy, dirty trash. The delicate design and tight cabinet can effectively prevent the waste inside the barrel from leaking out. Even more intimate is that an air purifier made of natural materials is also provided at the QUBE lid, which can effectively filter and purify the unpleasant odors generated by the garbage in the barrel.

At present, this QUBE smart trash is in the stage of product crowdfunding. The crowdfunding target is 240,000 Euros. The price of the Super Early Bird in the hatchback/shambox is 279/299 Euros (about 2038/2184 Yuan) if all goes well. It is expected to ship in the year of 2017. If you are very concerned about waste classification, you may wish to support this smart trash.

Source: Kickstarter

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