VR is not just as easy as entertainment

When people talk about vr, they always think of vr games, vr movies, and at most think of vr used in education, but today vr daily newspaper will introduce you to a socially meaningful application of vr, that is, news and natural disasters.

A company called the EmblemaTIc Group produced a vr content that mimicked the refugee camp, and a food chain showed people how a man feels because of lack of food and diabetes. The company uses vr to put viewers in breaking news events and show them how they feel when they face nature or think of disaster.

VR is not just as easy as entertainment

Nonny de la Pe&nTIlde, founder of the EmblemaTIc Group; a said that “immersive news” is a very worthwhile thing to do, and it gives people a deep understanding of the news itself. At last year's Sundance Film Festival De la Pe&nTIlde;a presented the Project Syria short film, which showed the audience three scenes of the Arab country: a calm streetscape, a sudden explosion and a camp for refugee children. The social and political life of the Arab countries is also fully demonstrated through virtual reality devices. Since 2012, she has been struggling to walk on the path of virtual reality, but in fact, this road has not been smooth, because people around do not understand De la Peña, and even sneer at it. Under her insistence, I finally had some hope. Currently, in addition to working with the Guardian, the BBC and the Qatar Al Jazeera, the company has also discussed some projects with a Hollywood director. In addition, she hopes to create a virtual reality "Cable News Network" and expressed the hope to train a group of "immersive news" reporters.

Other vr projects also include a Japanese vr training system to show people how to escape in the tsunami. These types of simulations allow people to prepare for the worst environment, at least when things get worse.

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