Moto mysterious new machine UI exposure is Moto X sequel?

Tencent digital news (water blue) had previously announced that the great god @evleaks had made suggestions that Motorola will have a new machine, but did not disclose more information. Nowadays, there are netizens posting spy photos of a mysterious Motorola new machine. The overall design looks very concise, and at the edge there is a black package of arc processing. Compared to the models introduced in the past, there are more styles. Big changes, as there is still a huge camera on the back, as for the true identity, there is no news.

Mystery new machine exposure

From the point of view of spy shots of Motorola's mysterious new machine released by netizens, the overall style has changed a lot compared to the past. Although it is still a metal body, it is treated with a black wrapped arc at the edge. Combined with the simple shape, it looks very eye-catching. In addition, the aircraft is still printed on the back of the "bat" is a huge camera, and equipped with dual LED flash, plus no fingerprint sensor, it should be integrated into the front of the Home button.

Some regret is that the users who leaked the real machine spy photos did not disclose any information on the aircraft, so naturally can not know the true identity of this new machine. However, due to the news that Moto X will launch the 2016 model, many users have speculated that this mysterious new machine may be a new member of the Moto X series. However, some netizens said that this model has been cut off, so it may not be officially released in the future.

New interface exposure

It is worth mentioning that there are netizens posting a new interface to the suspected Motorola Android 7.0 system. Compared to the past, the main change is preloaded with Google Chrome, and the status bar is changed back to native layout styles and icons. Similarly, in the rendering of the latest exposure of foreign media Moto M, similar standby desktop appears, which may mean that this new Motorola or pre-installed Android7.0 system to meet with us.

In addition, from the spy photos of the Moto M box leaked by foreign media, it was confirmed that the name of the mobile phone was indeed Moto M, and it also supported Full Netcom and 4G+ network. Although there was a “bat tag” on the box, there was no Motorola’s. The name is replaced by Lenovo. It is reported that this Motorola new machine will be available in December this year, while the state bank version will be pre-installed three Microsoft applications.

With 5100mAh battery

However, some of the specifications of Moto M recently released by foreign media seem to be slightly different from previous rumors, such as the processor is not MediaTek P10 or P15, but Xiaolong 625, and the battery capacity reached 5100 mAh. And supports 24W output fast charging function, with 1.5W speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack and noise reduction microphone.

At the same time, Moto M is also available in overseas versions, but compared to the Bank of America’s 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage portfolio, the overseas version provides a 3GB/4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage portfolio, but both the overseas version and the BNM support 128GB of storage. Card expansion. According to previous news sources, the price of the Moto M Bank was about RMB 1999, and there was no exact statement as to when to sell.

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