Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

With the rise of the 3.O era of the Internet of Things, a series of innovative applications and services have emerged. Smart home as an important part of the Internet of Things industry, its huge market potential has gradually emerged, and has been getting more and more days. The light ten wisdom strikes the shield and the hair issuer book, this is both a huge opportunity and a severe challenge. Unlike traditional consumer products, the "high price" of smart home products is obviously not very different from the consumer's purchase expectations.

In the 3.O era of the Internet of Things, how do we make our home products more intelligent, how do we combine mobile devices with home appliances, and how to use the app on the market to control air conditioners, refrigerators, and televisions... Visible, Smart Home There are still many areas for future development and innovation.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Residential Community Network

The residential community network can be said to be the most “unreliable” aspect of future smart home innovation development. As we all know, the community network covers a wide range of areas, including property owners, property developers, operators, and even neighborhood committees, police stations, and health clinics. Therefore, the residential community network is not just the Internet as we understand it. It is also based on smart homes used by all owners, and it is a huge community network that is covered by a combination of point-to-line and line-to-face. At present, China has already started pilot projects in high-end communities in large and medium-sized cities.

Building an intelligent community is a complex task that places higher demands on technology and capital. With the present strength alone, it is difficult to build an intelligent community in an all-round way. Therefore, this is "not reliable." However, if we work hard to turn this "unreliable" goal into reality, then the establishment and promotion of smart communities will make our lives more convenient.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Community security alarm platform client

With the gradual improvement of people's safety awareness, traditional security doors and windows and other security facilities can no longer meet people's needs for security. Smart homes have a powerful security alarm system that can provide people with a higher sense of security thanks to humanized features and automated technology.

Community security alarm system is mainly composed of television monitoring, security patrol, building intercom, burglar alarm, gas leakage alarm, fire alarm, etc. The system is connected with the owner's home security alarm system with powerful hardware facilities and humanized design. At the same time, networking with local police stations provides a more important layer of protection for the owner’s personal and property safety.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Small appliances personalized use

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people pursue different lifestyles. For example, according to one's own living habits, the use of personalization of ordinary small household appliances will often give us unexpected results.

When we are still on the way home from work, home appliances have already begun to prepare us with great food, what a wonderful thing it will be. In fact, smart sockets can turn this wonderful thing into a reality. We can regularly control the opening and closing time of the oven. When we return home with a tired body, the scented cookies are right in front of you and served with a cup of fragrant coffee, which will be a pleasant enjoyment.

In addition, you can also share your use methods and feelings with your friends on the social platform. Perhaps, when you go to WeChat, the QQ space will be personalized small appliances. Home energy management and smart home appliances Energy management, as the name suggests, is to manage the energy used by households, such as natural gas, electricity and so on. If we use air conditioners in winter, when the room temperature reaches the set temperature of 25 °C and no longer automatically heat, then we can only say that we use an energy-saving air conditioning, we can not humanely save energy. Therefore, energy-saving products do not satisfy people's pursuit of quality of life.

The emergence of smart appliances brings hope to people. It not only solves people's need for energy conservation, but also satisfies people's pursuit of high quality of life. Smart home appliances collect and analyze data, and feed back the final results to users in a concise and clear manner, allowing users to make appropriate adjustments according to their own energy needs.

Although smart appliances can provide guarantees for our high quality of life, the purchase costs are too high to exceed the affordability of ordinary families. But the emergence of the Nest smart thermostat has solved this problem, allowing ordinary families to also realize the active management of home energy.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Infrared gateway and appliance Remote Control

The smart home industry is developing more and more rapidly, but there are still huge problems in the industry - standards are not unified. This problem has caused different brands of home appliances to fail to achieve unified platform control, which has brought huge hidden dangers to the development of the industry. The emergence of infrared gateways opens the prescription for solving this hidden problem. We can use the infrared controller to send commands through the mobile terminal to complete the control of home appliance functions.

At present, there are many infrared control products on the market, but they need to be covered by wireless networks to achieve their functions.

Perhaps, when the standards in the industry are not completed, we can only control the functions of home appliances through an infrared remote controller, a mobile terminal (such as a smart phone), and an appliance remote controller.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Old man and child care looking after

The elderly and children are the most important members of the family who need care and care. The camera, as a tool for protection, is naturally indispensable. However, traditional cameras cannot meet the requirements of home security systems and have gradually been replaced by Cloud Eyes. With its high-definition camera capability, Cloud Eyes enables people to find details in clear images, detect hidden dangers in time, and avoid accidents. In addition, networking allows people to control the situation at home through mobile terminals (such as smartphones).

Cloud Eye can be quickly adopted by people because of its many functions. It not only meets the need for real-time viewing and playback of video, but also enables video to be stored on the cloud disk for free, reducing the user's cost of use. One of the most attractive points is that Cloud Eyes can achieve instant voice calls, which facilitate people's communication and bring people closer.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Smart Door Lock & Electronic Cat Eye

First of all, the electronic cat's eye has the function of photographing and recording. When no one is at home, it can make accurate records of visitors' appearance characteristics. If some visitors have a sneaky movement in front of the door, the security system will alert the owner's mobile terminal (such as a smart phone), and the owner can use a mobile terminal (such as a smartphone) to remotely control and make judgments on the visitors. .

Secondly, the smart door lock is connected with the mobile terminal, so that the person holding the mobile terminal can know when to go home.

At present, there are many smart products on the market. With the most advanced intelligent door locks, almost all Bluetooth and network communication technologies are used, and unlocked by means of a mobile phone App program. Some brands focus on mobile client unlocking, such as August, etc.; some brands focus on sensor unlocking.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Home entertainment equipment

Today's society has almost entered the age of all-people entertainment. People's demands for home entertainment equipment have become more and more critical, and traditional home theaters can no longer meet people's requirements for entertainment. The rise of somatosensory games (such as the Wii and Xbox) has become almost one of the mandatory items for young people's family entertainment. How to create more entertainment items suitable for multiple ages in existing entertainment hardware devices and how to create more entertaining home entertainment devices will be the direction of future efforts. We look forward to them together.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Physical health testing equipment

Nowadays, health has received unprecedented attention from people. Physical health testing equipment has acquired a rare opportunity for development in the Internet of Things. For example, smart bracelets and smart watches that appear on the market today use modern sensing technology to record body motion data, and then analyze the data through intelligent programs to determine its health index.

Because elderly people are physically weak and prone to diseases, they are fond of health products. As children, because of work, family and other reasons, can not always be accompanied by their parents, but the physical condition of parents is always the hearts of their children. The emergence of physical testing equipment can help them keep track of their parents’ physical condition.

Top 10 areas that lead the future of smart home

Air quality detector

In recent years, as environmental problems such as haze have become more and more serious, various products related to environmental quality have begun to develop rapidly. Among them, air quality detectors have attracted more attention. We want to know the indoor PM2.5 value, monitor whether there is a gas leak in the room, and so on, all need to use air quality testing equipment.

As one of the most reliable products in the smart home, air detection equipment not only helps people understand the indoor air quality in real time, but also adjusts the indoor air quality so that the indoor air quality reaches the standard of healthy breathing. For example, an air purification box launched by a brand, when people set the smart mode, if indoor PM2.5 exceeds the standard, it will automatically adjust the indoor air by controlling the air purifier; when the indoor air reaches a good standard, it will automatically Turn off the regulation system. Through this intelligent adjustment, the indoor air standard is always maintained in the normal range.

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