Gartner Releases Top Ten Semiconductor Manufacturers Rankings for 2010

Gartner Releases Top Ten Semiconductor Manufacturers Rankings for 2010 According to Gartter's survey of the top ten semiconductor factory rankings in 2010, the status of the top five companies is still standing, namely Intel, Samsung, Toshiba, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics, and Renesas from 2009 by 11 Jumped to sixth place, Hynix ranked seventh, and Micron jumped from 13th place in 2009 to eighth place.

Garnter said that Intel has been the leader of the global semiconductor industry for 19 consecutive years, with a market share of 14% in 2010, a slight decrease of 0.6% from the previous year. Intel still maintains its leading position in certain areas, but The challenge of standard-type memory manufacturers has caused a slight decline in the overall market share.

Samsung Electronics ranked No. 2 benefited from the strong growth of DRAM and NAND flash memory markets. Among them, memory accounts for 80% of sales of Samsung Electronics in 2010. South Korean manufacturers have previously outperformed other markets in the DRAM market and have remained dominating the DRAM market, pushing their market share to historical highs.

Toshiba Semiconductor, which ranks third, had a 28.7% revenue growth in 2010. Toshiba has grown its NAND flash memory in mobile devices, as well as discrete and optoelectronic component business. In addition, revenue from Special Applications ICs (ASICs) declined in consumer electronics due to the transition between parts suppliers and the slowdown in the overall game market, resulting in a decrease in gaming operations. However, special applications for communications and automotive IC revenue grew due to the economic recovery in 2010.

Among the other top ten plants, Broadcom, ranked No. 10, has grown by 53% since 2009, and has achieved substantial profits that outperformed the overall industry. This also makes Broadcom promote two rankings, and for the first time entered the top ten rankings. Broadcom's three business units, including broadband, mobile and wireless, as well as infrastructure and networks, have performed well.

According to Gartner's RIP index, several top 25 suppliers performed significantly better than expected, with 4 companies growing more than expected by 10% in the Gartner Index, which are Broadcom, Maiweier, and Samsung Electronics. NXP Semiconductors. Conversely, the four vendors that perform below the expected 10% include: Roma Semiconductor, Renesas Electronics, Nvidia and MediaTek (2454).

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