Wearable devices are burning hot smart home and medical fields

Speaking of smart home, many people say that it is connected with the real estate industry. For more than a decade, the real estate industry has been the head of the smart home business line. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the biggest support of the smart home industry. However, with the development of the industry and the rise of the Internet of Things technology, smart homes will break free from the real estate industry's bundling and go to a broader market.

The rise of smart healthcare

Smart healthcare is a proprietary medical term that has emerged recently. By creating a regional medical information platform for health records and using the most advanced Internet of Things technology, the interaction between patients and medical staff, medical institutions, and medical equipment can be achieved, and informationization can be gradually achieved. In the near future, the medical industry will incorporate more high-tech artificial intelligence, sensing technology and other high-tech, so that medical services will become truly intelligent, and promote the prosperity of the medical industry. By then, people will no longer have to go to the hospital to queue up for registration when they see a doctor. Small problems can be solved by sitting at home.

Smart wear hot

According to the latest data from Juniper Research, the smart wearable technology market will develop rapidly in the next few years. According to a recently released report, this year, the smart wearable market capacity will reach 1.4 billion U.S. dollars and will expand to 19 billion in 2018 The growth rate of the US dollar depends on consumers gradually realizing the technology of smart wearable products.

What role do smart watches play in smart homes? Apple ’s new iwatch smart watch connects home appliances in series, and the smart watch can also receive alarms from sensors, and then report the security problems in the house or the energy utilization of the house to the owner of the house. It even has a door lock, temperature control or Lights on and other command functions.

With the development of smart homes, smart homes will gradually complete their own ecosystem and form an industrial chain. This industrial chain will promote smart homes to become an industry. Unlike real estate, decoration, or building materials industry, smart homes are Gradually with perfect products, affordable prices, convenient independent control, user-friendly simple and flexible operation interface, energy-saving personalized needs, etc., appeared in thousands of households.

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