Talking about the five signal communication of LED big screen

With the continuous development of LED display technology, the range of applications in indoor conferences, exhibition halls, stages, road traffic, outdoor advertising and other fields is more and more extensive. Due to the diversity and complexity of its application fields, it also puts forward higher requirements for the stability, reliability and fluency of audio and video signal transmission. The basic situation of the five signal communications shared by the following editors.

CLK clock signal: the shift pulse provided to the shift register, each pulse will cause the data to shift in or out by one bit. The data on the data port must be coordinated with the clock signal to transmit the data normally. The frequency of the data signal must be 1/2 times the frequency of the clock signal. In any case, when the clock signal is abnormal, it will make the whole board display disorderly.

STB latch signal: send the data in the shift register to the latch, and light up the large screen of the LED through the drive circuit. However, since the drive circuit is controlled by the EN enable signal, the prerequisite for its lighting must be that the enable is in the on state. The latch signal also needs to be coordinated with the clock signal to display a complete image. In any case, when there is an abnormality in the latch signal, the entire board will be displayed disorderly.

EN enable signal: the entire screen brightness control signal, also used for display screen blanking. Just adjust its duty cycle to control the change in brightness. When the enable signal is abnormal, the whole screen will appear unlit, dark or trailing.

Data signal: Provide the data needed to display the image. It must be coordinated with the clock signal to transfer the data to any display point. Generally, the red, green and blue data signals are separated in the display screen. If a data signal is short-circuited to the positive or negative electrode, the corresponding color will appear full or not bright. When the data signal is suspended, the corresponding color display The situation is uncertain.

ABCD line signal: only exists during dynamic scanning display, ABCD is actually a binary number, A is the lowest bit, if the binary representation of ABCD signal control the maximum range is 16 lines (1111), as long as the AB signal can be used in 1/4 scan Because the AB signal's range is 4 lines (11). When the line control signal is abnormal, there will be display misalignment, highlighting or overlapping images.

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