Eye pass rate is only 8%. Careless "eye protection" is not a "eye injury"

Every year, winter and summer vacations are the peak sales of eye-protection lamps. In order to let the children grow up healthily, parents always carefully select the products whose "scientific name" is "reading and writing work table lamp". However, I learned from the Changzhou Quality Inspection Institute yesterday that the current rate of mainstream eye-protection products on the market is only 8%. Unqualified eye-protection lamps can not only protect eyesight, but also hurt the eyes.

A wide range of brands, low-priced products account for the bulk

After interviews in Changzhou Wujiao Shopping Mall, Jinqiao Market, Luqiao Market and many hypermarkets, it is found that there are hundreds of eye-protection brands on the market in Changzhou, and the prices range from 30 yuan to more than 300 yuan. Among them, the eye-protection lamp at the price of 30-70 yuan occupies about 80% of the market. The eye protection lamp has both a self-contained light source and the required light source specifications in the manual.

Compared with low-priced lamps and high-priced lamps, it seems that only the appearance of materials is good or bad, and the workmanship is rough.

LED lights, still not suitable for eye protection

In recent years, as a new type of illumination source, LED lamps have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people, and have been highly praised for their advantages of energy saving and high efficiency. At present, there are many eye-protection lamps for LED light sources on the market. However, Shi Chaoyang, deputy director of the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute, believes that at least at the current technical level, LED lights are not suitable as eye protection lamps. This is because LEDs are a kind of point light source, which is easy to produce glare after being used for table lamps. Although there are many anti-glare LED lights at the moment, the lighting efficiency is greatly reduced.

In contrast, high-frequency fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages, high-frequency fluorescent lamps have less stroboscopic, but the price is slightly higher, and there is the possibility of low-frequency charging high-frequency; incandescent lamps have good optical performance, but low efficiency. It is not energy-saving; the warm-tone light source in the energy-saving lamp is more suitable for eye protection, but it is lower than the brightness of the white light source. However, in general, these three lights are ideal light source for eye protection.

Buying skills, use is stressful

How can I buy a qualified eye-protection lamp? I know from the testing organization and the sales staff that the method of purchasing and using should be emphasized.

In addition to going to the regular store to choose 3C certified products, consumers should also pay attention: it is best to choose a product with a reflector and a lower beam. When the eyes are 40 cm higher than the desktop and 60 cm from the light source, you should not see it. light source. The lamppost of the lamp should be as long and adjustable as possible, and the length of the wire should be no less than 1.8 meters.

When using, keep reading and reading for more than 40 minutes. If there is a clear dark area in the line of sight, it is best to open the ceiling light at the same time in the room where the eye protection is used.

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