Solution Sharing: How to solve the car virtual dashboard design

This virtual instrument solution uses high-performance i.MX6DL (Cortex-A9) dual-core CPU, with automotive-grade DDR3 memory and eMMC memory, supports embedded Linux operating system, supports 2D, 3D hardware graphics acceleration engine, and supports power-on quick start. It is an automotive grade solution for liquid crystal instrument panels.

Program advantage

1. Automotive-grade high-performance Cortex-A9 dual-core CPU with an operating frequency of 800MHz;

2. With car-grade DDR3 SDRAM and eMMC Flash;

3. Support embedded Linux system, support Qt graphics library;

4. Support GPU hardware graphics acceleration, support openGLES 2.0, can achieve a variety of cool display effects;

5. Support Ethernet, CAN, UART, USB, SPI, I2C, I2S and other connections;

6. Support comprehensive security features, with highly reliable boot, encryption engine, random number generator and tamper detection;

7. Power on and start quickly, the instrument panel can be displayed in 3 seconds, which can be further optimized according to the actual application.

Scheme block diagram

Solution Sharing: How to solve the car virtual dashboard design

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