Silicon Valley observers predict that the five major trends in 2017 will change the future

What trends will affect your life in 2017 and change the world? Come and listen to the experts who have observed the history of Shibuya for more than 30 years.

2016 has been hailed by many people in the technology industry as the first year of VR (Virtual Reality). This year, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStaTIon VR are all officially shipped to the consumer market, making VR a daily routine. In 2017, some of the new technologies will change your life. Let's take a look at the column of Time magazine in the Shibuya market research company CreaTIve Strategies president, senior industry consultant and analyst TIm Bajarin!

TIm Bajarin has written more than 30 years of experience in the field of science and technology. After studying trends, various information and research reports, he believes that the following five trends will change your future and will actually happen in 2017.

Microsoft Hololens is an MR device.

1.MR/AR importance will be higher than VR

In 2016, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation VR all launched consumer versions, making VR a hot topic. However, Tim Bajarin believes that in a short period of time, VR applications will mainly focus on the game field; and "Pokémon Go" developed by Niantic will bring AR (Augmented Reality) into the crowd, allowing consumers around the world to instantly understand The charm of augmented reality (embedded virtual information in the real world). For AR, Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed interest more than once.

Tim Bajarin believes that if the next feature of the next generation iPhone is AR, he will not be surprised. In addition, he also believes that in addition to the iPhone, there will be more mobile phones to try to import AR technology (probably through the Google Tango platform). In addition, MR (mixed reality) consumer glasses that support both AR and VR may be born in 2017, but AR will be the mainstream technology in these solutions.

2. Two-in-one computer will take off

Since the development of notebook computers, its design has been difficult to break through. From the current strategy of many PC factories, the innovation of 2-in-1 computer (tablet + detachable keyboard, such as Microsoft Surface Pro series) will be the focus of the future. In addition, the reversible model (touchable screen + detachable keyboard, similar to the Lenovo Yoga series) will also be one of the key projects of the PC factory.

The reason why the PC factory turned to a two-in-one battery is that these products are more versatile than traditional notebooks. If these two-in-one computers can drive consumers to change machines (or new purchases), they will bring new growth to the PC industry.

3. The demand for smart cars is gradually rising

What is said here is not Google, Uber and the unmanned auto-driving cars that are being carried out by major automakers. The comparison is based on the car models of Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. Through these in-vehicle systems, you can import smart functions for cars of any model. At present, more and more car manufacturers choose to build such in-vehicle systems in new cars.

In addition, through the Navby system, you can also add visual navigation messages and head-up displays (HUD) to your car, and make your car smarter. Therefore, Tim Bajarin believes that the issue of smart cars will be even hotter in 2017.

4. Hackers and criminals will become smarter

According to the statistics of Intel Security (formerly MaAfee), there were about 707 million network security vulnerabilities in 2015, and in the first half of 2016, the number reached 554 million. It shows that the network attack has a tendency to increase year by year. How did the hackers do it? It relies on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

James R. Clapper, National Intelligence Director of the United States, pointed out in his annual review report that AI will make everything simple, but it will also make network vulnerabilities expand.

This year, hackers have begun to use the AI ​​artificial intelligence system to automatically launch attacks for them. The new generation of network attack tools will be optimized for machine vision, speech understanding, speech synthesis and natural speech understanding, enabling hackers to invade locked targets faster.

5. The effect brought by the new US President Trump

In addition to the above-mentioned more predictable technological trends, the new US President Donald Trump will officially take office on January 20, 2017, which is probably the biggest impact on the scientific and technological community. During the election period, he not only expressed unfriendlyness in the field of science and technology, but also related policies in the field of science and technology. Although he recently invited a number of technology giants from Shibuya to attend the summit, it is still difficult to predict how it will affect the global technology industry after he takes office!

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