NVC LED to create green Guangzhou Asian Games

The upcoming 16th Guangzhou Asian Games is a lighting technology expo that is fully applied to LED green lighting technology and energy-saving lighting products. In Haixinsha, Guangzhou Tower, Guangzhou central axis urban landscape lighting and other key projects and Asian Games City, University City and other dozens of venues and facilities, shine China's domestic LED green lighting, energy-saving lighting products.

According to the needs of the Asian Games and the design of the venues, NVC Lighting has independently developed a variety of energy-saving lighting products, which are used in the Asian Games venues and supporting facilities. In the outdoor landscape decoration of LEDs, the energy-saving lamps used in Asian Games venues reduce energy consumption by 4/5 compared with ordinary incandescent lamps. Among them, the Guangzhou Asian Games City Sports Complex, which is shaped like a "floating ribbon", uses a large number of energy-saving lighting products such as LEDs in it. It provides a perfect lighting solution for the theme of "Floating Ribbon". With the energy-saving new technologies such as hidden cable curtain wall system, stainless steel metal roof panel system, roof panel rainwater collection and comprehensive utilization system, the energy saving rate is as high as 60%, which is much higher than the energy saving requirement of domestic public buildings energy saving rate of 50%.

The company has been focusing on new technologies and products in the lighting industry and is constantly transforming its products. The technology development of LED products began five years ago, and a special LED project team was established in the Shanghai Light Source Electric R&D Center, dedicated to the development and application of new LED energy-saving products. NVC has launched a full range of new LED light sources and lighting products in September 2010, leading the domestic enterprises.

The head of NVC Lighting recently told the media, "NVC will meet our market demand through industry integration. Next I may do some mergers and acquisitions." NVC will fully acquire the core technology in LED, and certain The channel is either a domestic or foreign company that complements NVC's featured products to enrich the NVC LED industry chain.

At present, NVC will promote LED technology to urban lighting, road lighting, tunnels, bridges, including subways.

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