Lite-On creates the global "Photovoltaic Semiconductor Product Category Rules"

Based on the ISO14025 international standard, Lite-On Technology has integrated the industry's opinions on the process characteristics of optoelectronic semiconductors and developed the world's first "Optoelectronic Semiconductor Product Category Rule".

This rule covers energy use, water use and pollutant production, waste generation, air pollutant production and carbon footprint. It will become the global carbon footprint of the optoelectronic semiconductor packaging and testing industry. And the third type of product environment announced the basis for completing the operation.

It is reported that Lite-On participated in the "Industrial Sustainable Development and Responsible International Environmental Standards Coaching Program" of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and under the guidance of the Taiwan Industrial Service Foundation, promoted the establishment of the "Optical Semiconductor Product Category Rules." At the same time, in the stakeholder consultation meeting, Guangbao Guangzheng opinions from all walks of life, and the world's third environmental protection product announcement network "GEDnet" was approved by the Environment and Development Foundation. The Optoelectronics Semiconductor Product Category Rules, which establishes a new milestone in the "Product Carbon Footprint Announcement" and "Product Environmental Announcement".

Plate non-damaged desulfator with Smart pulse, Simple and Safe, Restore your battery when charging.
Most of Electric vehicle use lead-acid battery bank(12V /6V /8V cells packed in Series)as the power source, The design lifespan of battery is 2~3 years, but actually the battery is usually failure after 6~12 months used which State-of-capacity gradually decline and even some scraped. Through analysis by cutting a large number of failure batteries, the battery water loss and sulfation is quite prominent. Such as the phenomenon of battery sulfation and water dehydration can be effectively inhibited to prolong the service life greatly up to 2 times.
EV Battery Charging Restorer is a new generation of high-tech products developed specifically for restoring Electric vehicle battery when it is charging every time, it utilizes the energy from the charger when charging, generating electronic smart pulse with special frequency to be resonance with the thick lead sulfate crystals in battery charging process. Under the disturbance by the specific frequency pulse, the recrystallization of lead sulfate can be prevented effectively

Product features:

1. The use of advanced electronic pulse repair technology, no-damaged eliminate battery plate sulfation crystal. Recovery of battery capacity, ensure the EV driving mileage is longer.
2. The connection with charger is simple, safe and convenient, and Smart Pulse Charging Restorer can be used in conjunction with the charger for each charging process. The problem of sulfation of the plate can be eliminated during every charging process.
3.It smartly identify 72V/60V/48V/36V battery bank Spec, automatically adapt to precise voltage, automatically adjust the restore electric pulse.This Battery pulse maintainer is suitable for the popular 72V~36V batteries of electric vehicles, buy a set, multi vehicles benefit in family.
4. A strict circuit filtering technique, does not repair your charger as a pulse, without changing the structure of the charger, does not affect the charging parameters of the charger, safe and carefree.

EV Battery Charging Restorer

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