Interpretation of the 12th Five-Year Plan of the Internet of Things

Key points of investment

On December 8, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for the Internet of Things, information security, and software and information technology service industries. It summarized the development status of the "Eleventh Five-Year" information security industry and analyzed the basis of the situation. In the plan, the plan clarified the development thinking and goals of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", determined the development priorities and major projects, and proposed relevant policy measures.

Planning interpretation

According to the outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan, in the Internet of Things industry, the government requires that by 2015, significant achievements will be made in core technology research and development and industrialization, research and formulation of key standards, establishment and improvement of industrial chains, demonstration and promotion of major applications, etc. Cultivate and develop 10 industrial gathering areas, more than 100 key enterprises, and put forward 9 key areas of application demonstration projects, namely: intelligent industry, agriculture, logistics, transportation, power grid, environmental protection, security, medical, home.

We believe that in the computer hardware and software industry, companies that have already established a leading position in these fields will gain rapid growth opportunities in the next three years of large-scale investment, namely Yinjiang and Saiwei, which are focused on intelligent transportation. The core component provider of smart and smart grid-Neusoft Carrier, the leader of smart healthcare-Neusoft Group and Weining Software, the traceability of intelligent agriculture products provided-Shangyuan Wanggu, intelligent security equipment provider-Hikvision Shihe Dahua Co., Ltd., the pioneer of smart home-Anjubao, the leader of the subdivision industry of city management-Digital Zhengtong, and experts in the field of intelligent environmental protection-Tongfang.

Investment Advice

Investors are advised to pay attention to 2015. China should achieve significant results in core technology R & D and industrialization, research and formulation of key standards, establishment and improvement of industrial chains, demonstration and promotion of major applications, and initially form an innovation drive, application traction, Coordinated development, safe and controllable Internet of Things development pattern.

The ability of technological innovation has been significantly enhanced. Overcoming a batch of core key technologies of the Internet of Things, achieving more than 500 important research results in the technical fields of perception, transmission, processing, and application; studying and formulating more than 200 national and industry standards; promoting the construction of a number of demonstration enterprises, key laboratories, and projects Centers and other innovation carriers lay the foundation for the formation of sustainable innovation capabilities. Initially completed the construction of the industrial system. Form a relatively complete IoT industrial chain, nurture and develop 10 industrial clusters, more than 100 backbone enterprises, a group of "specialized, sophisticated, special and new" SMEs, and build a group of public institutions with wide coverage and strong support The service platform has initially formed an Internet of Things industrial system with complete categories, reasonable layout and optimized structure. The scale and level of applications have improved significantly.

It has been widely used in the field of economic and social development, and its application level in key industries and areas has been significantly improved. A relatively mature and sustainable operation model has been formed. A number of application demonstration projects have been completed in 10 key areas, striving to achieve large-scale applications.

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