Shanghai Industrial Fair Shiqiang new product line to help "high-end, smart, green" industrial applications

Industrial robots compete with each other, and new energy vehicles are on the same stage. Searching for routes, browsing news, viewing recent business district offers, booking registrations, and queuing for tickets can be easily realized on street lights... November 5-9, 2014, The five-day Industrial Fair vividly explained that the industrial market has turned to high-end, intelligent and green. The new intelligent business model in the industrial field has also promoted the realization of automation, intelligence, lean and green semiconductor devices for various manufacturing processes. Benefiting from this, the electronic components exhibited by Shiqiang Shiqiang have attracted much attention, especially the latest product line of Shiqiang, Vincotech intelligent power module, SMI pressure sensor, Cypress on-chip programmable system and capacitive sensing touch button products. And Ricoh power management chip is favored by the audience because it conforms to the development trend of the domestic industrial market.

Some Vincotech and Cypress products from Shiqiang booth

Part of the Vincotech and Cypress products at the Shiqiang booth

This time, the Industrial Fair brought a variety of new Vincotech power module products, which attracted the attention of the on-site engineers at the exhibition. Vincotech power modules include power integrated modules, 6 tubes, rectifier bridges, boost modules, tri-level modules, PFC, full-bridge and half-bridge modules in 16 standard packages. Module current ratings range from 5A to 600A (voltage 600V/1200V). Vincotech power module products are widely used in motor control, renewable energy, solar, photovoltaic uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and switching power supplies, and are the market leader in power modules.

Shiqiang's other new product line, the SMI pressure sensor, also appeared in the Shiqiang booth. As one of the top ten sensor companies in the United States, SMI is widely recognized by the industry for its MEMS sensors. SMI's smaller semiconductor-based sensors offer high pressure and low pressure options. Packages and chips, including dielectric dice for use in harsh environments, meet the requirements of many smart industrial applications, such as differential pressure Feeders, pipes, new energy vehicles, intelligent building construction, central air conditioning, etc.

The star product Cypress on the Shiqiang booth is based on its on-chip programmable system PSOC capacitive touch chip CapSense breakthrough innovation in human-computer interaction function, is rapidly becoming a car panel, white goods, industrial instrumentation and many can replace the traditional touch button The preferred choice for the application. CapSense innovation is mainly reflected in several aspects: First, a single device to achieve more functions, PSoC (programmable system-on-chip) is a combination of an 8-bit MCU, 12 programmable analog modules and 16 programmable digital modules, and FLASH memory composition. Second, Cypress PSoC has flexible code editing capabilities, designers can create and modify the code at any time, and then repeatedly burn the program into the device through MiniProg. Third, it is waterproof and anti-jamming. Cypress engineers have developed a solution in CapSense that prevents water droplets, moisture, etc. from being mis-touched by keystrokes, to ensure control accuracy in a variety of environments. These powerful features are undoubtedly the gospel of producing high-end, smart devices.

According to the field engineers at Shiqiang booth, another new product line from Shiqiang, Ricoh Power Management IC, is also a powerful boost to industrial intelligence. Ricoh power management ICs have three distinct features: high efficiency, simple external circuitry, and smaller packages. The power management chip based on the CMOS process and setting the output voltage at 0.1V intervals is an ideal power management chip for portable devices with low consumption, high precision, high performance, and miniaturization. The Ricoh Ricoh power management chip has a conversion efficiency of over 90%. In particular, it has a PWM Auto mode, which is much more efficient than the fixed PWM frequency used in general power management ICs.

Of course, as the "leader" of industrial electronic components, the edge of Avago fiber, optocoupler and encoder can not be covered by other products. Engineers have never stopped their "fascination". Avago is the world's largest supplier of optocouplers with annual shipments of hundreds of millions. As an industry standard, Avago fiber leads the development of the entire industrial market. In addition, Shiqiang exhibited products such as Resasas microcontroller, Alliance memory, Epson clock, Littelfuse circuit protection device, silicon labs low-power MCU and wireless products.

As of today, Shiqiang has represented more than 19 overseas top electronic component product lines. All of these product lines of the Industrial Fair were unveiled at the Shiqiang booth and gained a lot of "fans". Shiqiang said that in the future, it will continue to focus on bringing more excellent overseas semiconductor components to domestic customers, helping customers to keep up with the development tide and innovate product design.

About Shiqiang

Founded in 1993, Shiqiang Advanced includes Avago, Renesas Electronics, Silicon Labs, Rogers, Melexis, Infineon, Acam, Alliance, Micrel, Littelfuse, NEMICON, EMC & RF Labs, EPSON, Ricoh, Cypress, Vincotech, SMI, Agilent and other world-renowned semiconductor companies and test and measurement equipment companies in the Greater China region, important distributors, is also an important supplier of many electronics manufacturing and R & D companies, product business covers a wide range of industries, security, medical, Automotive, smart phones, communications equipment, consumer, smart four-table, Internet of Things and other fields.

As a technology-driven distribution company, Shiqiang also has a mature technical support team and system service processes to provide customers with new product introduction, rapid sample, application consulting, solution and software design, development environment, after-sales and logistics. Professional services. In 2013, Shiqiang had annual sales of 180 million US dollars, 17 branches and offices across the country, and nearly 500 employees.

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